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Sudhagad Fort Trek

It’s in the middle of a monsoon, and we’re looking forward to the weekends all the time. We can have breakfast wherever we can find and follow the trails to the beautiful terrains. Last Saturday, July 8, 2017, we were at Sudhagad Fort.

Sudhagad Fort Trek 2017 | Monsoon Trek | Tes at Home

Watch Sudhagad Fort Trek 2017 | Monsoon Trek | Tes at Home here

This trip to Sudhagad Fort was very exciting because we heard that it’s located in one of the most glorious spots surrounded by magnificent landscapes, and the history of the fort might be dated back to the 2nd century BC. In the rain, the beauty of the fort is magnified.

Sudhagad Fort is about 130 km away from Pune, in Raigad District in the Maharashtra State of India. It takes about 3 hours to get there. The best route to the Fort is via Pune-Mumbai Express Highway where you should get out at Khopoli and head to the town of Pali, and the fort is about 30 minutes from Pali.

Thakurwadi is the base village of Sudhagad Fort. It’s about 10.30 am, and this trek took about 2.30 hours to get to the top.

It’s a lovely day. The trail to Sudhagad Fort is pretty clear and precise so it’s easy for us to navigate. The earth has been revived and it’s green and fresh everywhere. The sky was quite unpredictable on that day though. One minute we had bright sunlight on our faces, and the next we were soaked in the rain. But it was all good because the rain was cold and felt really good on our skins.

As we climbed higher and higher toward the fort, the trail became dense and wild. We could see the views around us. There were so many plants, wildflowers, leaves, and shoots sprouted from the earth. Sudhagad Fort Trek isn’t as popular as many other treks around here so the trail can be a little isolated and quiet. There weren’t a lot of people that day so sometimes it felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves.


There are so many wild jasmines throughout the trail so I wondered if the name of the fort, Sudhagad, which means ‘the sweet one’ has something to do with it. If you get confused or get lost in this trail, look for the orange marks, and they will guild you to the right path.

When we reached the plateau on top of the mountain, it felt really amazing to know that we had come this far. It was like like the sky was within our reach. The air was fresh and the whole land was just… gorgeous.

There is an old complex with a small courtyard called Pantsachiv Wada where you could rest and take shelter. We had lunch here, and it was made with some lentils which were grown up here near the temple on the other side of the plateau. And we also got some delicious tea which was made with the milk of the cows that were roaming around the fort. The tea was amazing. Sweet, hot and creamy.

The vast plane of Sudhagad Fort was carpeted with the green velvet. We saw the old ruins, totem, Bhoraidevi Temple, cemetery, and on the other side, another temple.

Most parts of the fort are now just the ruins, but we could still feel their strengths when we looked at the rocks and the size of the walls that are still standing here today.

Before heading home, we just needed to take a small break at the river. We sat there, thinking about how the season had transformed the land into the living paradise, and it motivated us to get out more.


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