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Another Fail Trip of the Late Monsoon

I’m starting to worry that I’m going to miss the rain very much later this year. Monsoon is my favorite season, but in 2017, I got to enjoy it very little. Although Indian Winter is my second dearest season, I wish the landscapes won’t turn dry when the cold creeps in.

Sadik has just been back from a 1.5 month long trip in Saudi Arabia, and when he was not here, I stuck inside the house most of the times. My mom and sister have been staying with us since the beginning of August so somehow I didn’t feel so lonely when he’s not around. But surely, right when Sadik landed in Pune, we started talking about a short trip where we could enjoy the luscious rain and emerald terrains of Maharashtra State.

My husband didn’t even have a chance to rest when we drove out of town. The ancient Buddhist Caves called Thanale was on our minds. Everybody was excited, especially my mom who has been kind of bored because she had a very active lifestyle back in Thailand. Yaseen was eager to eat local food, and my sister wanted a lot of pictures for her Instagram. However, I had to admit that I had done almost no research or preparation for this trip. All I wanted was to get out of the house and to be in the rain, and I was basically too lazy to even plan the trip.

I hate to take a full responsibility for our Fail Trip, but maybe I should have looked at the route at least. We found ourselves in a wrong base village where it could have been closer to the destination and easier to walk to the caves. So, we arrived at Tailbaila Bus Stop, where we parked our car and started trekking. The mountain wall duo was standing not so far away from us so I knew exactly that we weren’t doing a 1.5-hour trek which was supposed to start from Thanale Village. From Tailbaila, we have to walk more than 3.5 hours. We didn’t really prepare for it so I doubted how far we could go.

By the way, we rarely got a phone signal here so it’s not easy to navigate. Oh, we also met a really nice group of people who were doing the same trek and they had a guide with them so we kind of followed them around in the beginning, but then we realized that we wouldn’t be able to reach the caves and came back to the car before sunset, so we decided to give up.

I don’t like to fail, especially when it comes to traveling, but sometimes, we just have to enjoy what life has to offer. Actually, getting lost is sort of beautiful. There is some kind of allure in it. Perhaps it’s the unexpected scenery or maybe it’s just that we’re supposed to end up walking in a circle so we could learn to slow down and appreciate the little things around us. It didn’t rain, and it was shiny. I got burned pretty badly, too, but I didn’t even regret it. We all enjoyed our fail trip, and we had such a fun story to tell and the beautiful pictures to share.

Well, of course, we’re going back to Thanale Caves soon, with plan and preparation this time. Maybe with food or a picnic and a printout map just in case. But we never know. We could end up getting lost again. Eitherways, I think we will find a way to make the best of the next trip. Tonight, it’s raining a little outside my windows. I know I’m going to miss this pouring season. But maybe I should be looking forward to the cozy trips in winter now. The long Diwali Holiday is approaching, and maybe we’re going to be lost somewhere amazing again.


Watch Beautiful Lost

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