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Talashil Beach

We don’t usually stay home during Diwali. It’s simply because the boys have a little break so we could go somewhere nice outside our little home. This time we looked at the map, thinking we could use some warm sand under our bare feet. Well, we picked the destination right out of the map. We just pointed at that beach on a tiny peninsula, and it’s called Talashil Beach.

I love being in the car. Maybe sometimes I like it even better than being at the places we’re driving to.

The landscapes and sceneries that keep playing on our windows are mesmerizing, and I do feel like we’re flying in the dreamland sometimes, you know. Most of all, Sadik and I can talk a lot without any other distraction so I always appreciate this kind of moment.

But here is when things got a little interesting. We forgot to look at the GPS so we ended up quite far outside our route.

The good thing is we got to explore a new place.

This is Devgad Fort. It’s in the north of our destination, Talashil Beach. There are the ruins of the fort stretching on the huge plateau right by the gorgeous blue sea.

Our first meal in Talashil Beach was wonderful. The food was home-cooked at the resort where we’re staying. There were delicious curry, fried fish, a hot flatbread made with rice. That was one satisfying dinner!

When we woke up the next day, the first thing we did was going to the beach. Well, actually we had some coffee, which was so important, and then we headed to the beach. I wanted to walk to the tip of the peninsula, and it was quite an exercise to get there. It was worth it though because that part was really stunning.

Here is where the backwater of Gad River meets the sea.

You must try fresh rice crepe with coconut chutney, a dish called ghavan. It’s one of the humblest and simplest foods that bring out such a comforting flavor. We also have poha with grated coconut on top. Coconut here is very sweet and creamy so the food made with it is super delightful.

Boating is a must do activity here in Talashil Beach. The boat took us from the backwater and we’re going to go to Kavada Rock and then we’re also going to see the dolphins.

We’re actually really lucky to see so many dolphins that day. And it showed us how important this land was, and that we should be so careful not to spoil it. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the dolphins because I didn’t have a decent camera to capture their pictures from afar in the rocking sea, but here you can check out the video of them swimming in a video that I have just uploaded on Youtube yesterday.

Talashil Beach Trip 2017

We drove to Malvan which is about 30 minutes away to have lunch.

The food is pretty much the same everywhere here, the same basic, flatbread, rice, fish and curry, and I think I can never get bored of this combination.

We also drove to Devbag Beach. We had been here before in our Tarkali Beach Trip, and it’s nice to be back here. The beach actually looked quite different now maybe it was because the water had receded at that point of the day.

There’s another special place I want to tell you guys about. We found this beautiful grassland on the way to Talashil Beach. It’s beautiful and dreamy.

The endless meadow of dried grass made this whole terrain look like a savanna. It’s dreamy and beautiful, and when you look closers, you would see how unique this piece of land is.

Whenever we plan a trip, we always know that not everything is going to go the way we want. I think most of our trips so far were just not the way we planned, and it’s okay.

We learned to appreciate being lost and being messed up and just giving in to be able to immerse in the experiences and opportunities that the world is offering to us. So I can’t wait for a new trip and whatever surprises and mishaps included in it.

By the way, this is where we stayed. A resort called Sand and Shine, it’s situated right at the narrowest part of Talashil Beach between the Arabian sea and the Gad River.

The resort is just across the road from the beach. It’s a perfect location, and they do have spacious rooms and good home-cooked food. The staffs are kind and friendly so I definitely want to recommend this place to people who plan a visit.


2 comments to Talashil Beach

  • Sourabh Das

    Hello Tes,
    Hows the road to this beach ? Specially the ghat road ?
    How much time it took and is there good hotels to stay ?

    • Tes

      Hi Sourabh,

      The road to this beach is amazing to drive on. There are some patches that are not good, but 80% of the whole route is just wonderful. Do take the Gangabowda ghat route and not the Radhanagari Ghat because there’s much less traffic on the first route, plus the scenery along the way is more beautiful.

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