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Local Vegetable Market in India

For the past 3 weeks, we have been visiting a local vegetable market near us. We knew about this for years but never made it a habit to buy food from there until recently. I think we’re too pampered and maybe too lazy. At the market, it’s chaotic, and finding parking space is a challenge, unlike everything you can have in the malls. But then one day, when we decided to change things up a little bit, we went back to this market again. This time, we’re hooked.

My mother and sister tagged along to check out the market, mainly to see how it was different from the places back home in Thailand. “Wow,” they cried as they entered the yard full of colorful harvests. The produces that left the farms in the morning now spread on the floor, and we could smell fresh mud on the roots. The scent of the earth was overwhelming and rich.

The fragrant of apples was beautiful, and it reminded me of how much I used to appreciate seasonal fruits. We once waited for things to come, but you get everything in the packages now so perhaps we forgot to be excited and grateful.

This lively vegetable market is located in Lohegaon, Pune. It’s just ahead of the post office. The market operates on Sunday from 8.30 in the morning. Try to go early because the best batches usually got sold out quickly.

Have you ever seen agasta flowers? Winter is when the delicate white petals ornament the trees. I don’t know how the locals cook them here, but in Thailand, we cooked the flowers in a spicy and sour fish stew.

We got a whole pumpkin, and I think we can make a few dishes with it.

We need 5 strong shopping bags for each trip to take our weekly stage home.

Here’s a tip! Walk around first to see everything before you start buying because often you’ll find something even better after you’d already purchased something.

You can also get organic eggs and chicken in front of the market. And oh, you’ll get super cheap bananas and juicy pineapple near the entrance as well.

We decided to be a part of the locals now, as much as we could, like going to the markets, eating things that are grown around us, supporting the small businesses in the area, etc. And I think we actually benefit a lot from this. Our kitchen is stocked with the gorgeous produce. We eat better. Our food is fresh, sweet and nourishing.

Do you have a local market like this near you? Tell us about it.


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