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Decluttering and Organizing Ideas (Do this before New Year)

Are you excited about 2018? I am. Ever since we adopted Minimalism into our lives, it has been a positive journey. But I should also admit that while we try our best to stick to this concept, every now and then, we fall off track. Even so, Minimalism has a huge impact on our lives. Last year, I bought significantly lesser clothes than before. We stopped buying unnecessary kitchenware. Yaseen only bought a few toys in the past 12 months while he spent more on books. We still buy stuff, but each purchasing decision now becomes very conscious and intentional.


The most important lesson Minimalism has given me is to let go of the clutters in my mind. I used to be relentlessly overwhelmed by so many new ideas, and it can be quite distracting. I have learned to prioritize, and eventually, Minimalism helps me understand myself better.

The reason I’m so excited about 2018 is that I have been emphasizing positivity in my life. I look at future as a chance to do better. To move forward, I decided to give myself a clean slate. As we are about 2 weeks away from a New Year celebration, I’m taking this opportunity to do a little cleanse so I can enter a bright coming future with a clear mind.


This Decluttering Ideas and Organizing Challenge is a 14 days program which can help you discard clutter from life. I’ve designed a simple worksheet that you can download here. It details the simple tasks you can do each day until the end of this year. You can print it out and note things down. I think it can be quite fun to go through these assignments together.


Download Declutter & Organizing Plan 2018

Decluttering Ideas and Organizing Challenge

(Do this before Jan 1st, 2018)


Dec 18 Remove/Fix Broken Things

Walk around your house and throw things that are broken and put them in a trash bag. If you can fix these items, go ahead and do that. But if the items are not useful to you anymore, just get rid of them.

Dec 19 Throw Away Boxes, Shopping Bags, Manuals

Boxes and shopping bags can easily pile up in our home because sometimes we think about the possibility of returning the products, shipping them to another location, or selling them later. But from my experiences, they’re just clutters in your home, and it’s time to throw them or recycle them. I don’t throw shopping bags away because I consistently reuse them. Manuals are now available online on most product websites so there’s no need to keep them.

Dec 20 Manage Your Closet

Decluttering your closet can be tough because our clothes are personal to us. The easy way to handle this is to first throw away items that are old and damage. Things like stretchy undergarments, a pair of jeans from the 90’s or clothes that don’t fit you now can be discarded from your closet immediately. Now you can sort and review each item. If you haven’t worn that dress in the last 6 months, chances are you’re not going to put it on and you should get rid of it. The items dismissed from your closet can be donated or sold if they’re still in good conditions.

Dec 21 Tidy Up your Workspace

When you have a clean working space, you can concentrate on your task better. Get rid of bills, notes, pens that don’t work anymore and the unnecessary decorative items. Keep your working surface clean so you won’t be distracted by the pile of clutters around you. Here’s what I usually do. First, I take everything off my desk and clean the surface area. Don’t forget to get stuff out of a drawer as well. It can be quite messy in there. Now, I think of what I actually need to help me work. And you will be surprised to see that we require so little.

Dec 22 Clean up Computer & Hard Drives

It’s time to clean up junk files, temporary files and duplicate files on your computer. You should also delete those blurry pictures and the pictures that are too similar. Remove programs and applications that you don’t use anymore. Organize files into folders so you can easily find them later.

Dec 23 Social Media, Email & Phone Cleanse

Social media is one of the things that influence our decisions and state of mind so make sure you follow the sources that are legit, positive, relevant and inspiring. Unfollow accounts that don’t interest you and follow more people who motivate you. Clear some space on your phone by getting rid of photos, songs that you don’t listen to anymore, apps you don’t use or anything that you just don’t need.

Dec 24 Get Yourself a Journal – Digital or Paper

Last year, I have tried bullet journaling, and it has been life-changing. There are tons of ways and layouts you can adopt into your recording style. Journaling helps you plan tasks and track your progress. It’s also a good way to note down positive and reinforced messages that inspire you. You can have a simple notebook or just type it down in an online journal.

Dec 25 Write Down Your Success + What You Want in 2018

For those of you who will be busy with Christmas celebration, today task is effortless. It’s actually enjoyable because we’re going to review what you have achieved last year. List them down so you can admire what you have accomplished so far. The next thing you want to do is writing down what you want in 2018. It can be items or what you want to do.

Dec 26 Your Career and Work Plan

Today is about the professional part of your life. Update your resume, take a new picture and upload it to your profile. If you are self-employed or own a business, draft a small business plan and design your workflow. Think about where you want to be in 2018 and how to get there.

Dec 27 Health Issue

Health is another area that you should pay attention to. Today, you can see how your body is doing. Scan all your health reports to store them digitally. Throw away expired medicines. Schedule a health checkup, plan your workout routine, and set your health goal.

Dec 28 Bathrooms and Personal Care Products

Deep clean your bathrooms. Throw away empty bottles and products that had been sitting on the sink for months. You should also look into your makeup. Dispose of the ones that you don’t use and don’t like.

Dec 29 Tackle your Kitchen

Throw away kitchenware and appliances you don’t use. Clean up your fridge. Get rid of expired food in the back of your cabinets.

Dec 30 Sentimental Items

Getting rid of sentimental items maybe the hardest part of decluttering, but we should realize that most of these objects served no purposes other than reminding us of something or someone. It may seem cold to throw away things you inherited from your mom or gifts you got from your best friends even though you never use or even like them. You can take pictures of these items and give away stuff you don’t need.

Dec 31 Review your lists

Finally, I want you to go back to the list of things you want in 2018 which you wrote down on December 25th. I think this is the most important part of this whole journey because here is where you will evaluate your thought process. To me, minimalism is not just about getting rid of the material items, but it essentially includes decluttering ideas and the negative and unnecessary thoughts from your mind. I used to want to do a thousand different things, and it’s very distracting because these ideas prevented me from focusing on one particular topic. When you can’t focus, you won’t be efficient, and it’s going to be harder to achieve your goals. I let go of so many plans and ideas last year so I can concentrate on things that really matter to me, what I want the most, my family, my health and my life. I hope when you look at your list now, you can let go of at least one item on your list so we can focus on what is left.

Today, December 18, the first day of this fun and meaningful challenge that will bring us clean space and clear mind for 2018. I’m going to put things in a trash and throw them out of my house at the end of the day. I will also be sharing my progress on instagram, facebook and other social media along the way. So if you have questions or want to participate, please connect with me and share your progress as well. It will be fun and we can inspire each other in the process.


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