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How to make Thai Ice Milk Tea

Even though I have posted this recipe before, I have a strong urge to tell you about this Thai Ice Milk Tea again. Maybe it’s because of the weather. The cold breezes parade into our house when we open a door to a balcony in the morning. I love the fresh air of the dawn when it isn’t so polluted and noisy yet. The ambiance is cold and relaxing, making me think of those weekend mornings of winter back at home in Thailand. I remember forcing myself to wake up so I could go to the “fresh market” where it started operating at 3 am. My parents would roam the market looking for the seasonal forest produce like mushrooms, bamboo shoots, plants shoots, honeycombs, etc. They absolutely loved to cook with rustic finds, but as a kid, I didn’t appreciate or paid attention to that approach back then. I went to the market so I could look at the colorful desserts and treats, and one of the things I must get from the market was Thai Ice Milk Tea.

As I recalled, the tea was brewed in one corner of the market. It was only a congested counter with so many ingredients spreading all over it. The one-man-show business was juggling a dozen varieties of drink, hot and cold, from coffee to tea to malt based chocolate drink. The drink was served in the simple glasses or plastic bags to go. This tiny setup was easily noticeable even in such a chaotic market because the fume of coziness furling from that one stove gradually led you to this very spot.

The funny thing is I find comfort in cold food during winter. I know it’s a little strange, and Sadik always gives me a grief about it. He thinks cold food is unhealthy and especially not for winter. But I think this weirdness is one of those habits some of us secretly have, you know, like when you crank up a room temperature so you can snug in a blanket. I also love eating ice-cream when the weather is chilling, and I absolutely enjoy some freezing drink when the cold pricks on my skin.

I went to the drink stall, standing in a short queue, but the shopkeeper managed his orders swiftly. I would order Thai Ice Milk Tea for myself and some coffee for my dad. My tea was magical, I used to think because its color was bright orange and its flavor was sweet and fragrant. The scent of it in my throat reminded me of a smell of the bamboo leaves. A luxury spill of sweet condensed milk flowed into that intense bubbling orange liquid, and the potion turned into a gorgeous pastel tone after a vigorous stir. The hot mix was then poured into a plastic bag full of ice. It immediately melted some ice, and that’s why the brew was so strong in the first place. When we drove home which was a 15-minute ride, I enjoyed this delicious sweet ice tea in my dad’s car. And this is one of my favorite food stories. Thai Ice Milk Tea was a brilliant character in my memory. I can taste the indulging sweetness and feel the earthy aroma of the tea when I think of it.

Like I have told you in the earlier post, Thai Tea is a special mix and not just a type of leaves that are grown in Thailand. This blend has a very distinct flavor, and I have never quite found a substitute anywhere else. So to really have a Thai Tea, you need to get the mix from Thailand. Luckily, our world now gets really small, and I think we can order this thing online. I usually get Thai Tea from home when my family from Thailand comes to visit us in India.

Thai Tea is made with black tea processed with a little sugar and some artificial color and flavor which make the tea bright orange and fragrant. The tea can be prepared like any other tea; hot, cold, with milk or without milk. Ice Tea with condensed milk is my favorite way to enjoy it. And here is how to make it.

How to make Thai Ice Milk Tea

Watch How to make Thai Ice Milk Tea on youtube here

Thai Milk Ice Tea

Ingredients: (4 serving)

8 gm of Thai Tea (about 2 tbsp)

3 cups water

½ cup sweetened condensed milk

2 tbsp sugar

4 tbsp milk powder- dissolved in a little hot water

4 glasses of ice for serving


  1. Bring water to boil and add the tea. Simmer for 1 minute.
  2. Strain the tea and discard the leaves.
  3. Add sugar and sweetened condensed milk.
  4. Pure the mix directly in the glasses of ice, and top with more condensed milk and milk powder solution.

Now I can enjoy Thai Ice Milk Tea instantly whenever I crave it. If you don’t use dairy products in your cooking, then you can use Thai Tea to prepare Lemon Ice Tea as well. By the way, it’s supposed to be winter now here in India, but the weather is a lot warmer than last year. When it’s cold enough, we usually have abundant strawberries in the markets so that’s something we’re looking forward to. We can’t wait for the air to get colder so we could make more comforting food or go out to enjoy the calming weather outside. How’s the weather where you are? Do you have your favorite drink to go with it?


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