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Almatti Dam

As we were traveling along NH50 from Hampi on our way back to Pune, I didn’t want the trip to end. Actually, I didn’t want these past few days to end because soon my sister and my mom would be going back home to Thailand. This was our last trip together until they returned after a couple of months. I didn’t feel good at all because I knew the house would be a lot quieter after they’d gone.

I kept aside that sadness and tried to make the best of the little time we had. I don’t know why I was such a drama queen though. It’s not like they won’t come back. It’s just that I really hate saying goodbye to people I care about.


We found several fields of sunflowers on the side of the highway. It’s such a beautiful morning and I slowly motivate myself to just live in the moment. Cheer up! It looks like thousands of cute little suns were waving at us so we decided to stop.

The happiness slowly unfolded, and we were flying on the endless gray road. I already expected the scarcity of rest-stops on this route because we’d been through it before. There were so few restaurants, and forget about the restroom, we would have to just go behind the bushes if we needed to.

Sadik planned to visit Bijapur, a historical town just ahead of us, and it would be a perfect place to find lunch before we got on the long lonely ride. But then we found another spot worth checking out. He saw a signboard on the side of the highway, and it says “Almatti Dam.” It’s one of those spontaneous decisions that turns out to be a memorable experience. And I’m glad that we have always been flexible and open because you never know what this world wants to offer.

Almatti Dam was built on Krishna River in the north of Karnataka State of India, and the project was completed in 2005. You can spend half a day here. The dam has beautiful gardens and it’s one of the most popular spots to hang out and picnic around here.

We didn’t have a lot of time because we had to drive a long way home to Pune, but really I wished we could stay a little longer.

By the way, here we had lunch in the town of Bijaypur, but we didn’t have enough time to explore and sink in its history.

I think we completely drained our bank account when this trip ended so it would be a while we could go somewhere again. Anyway, that might be a good thing because we can spend more time cooking at home and sharing those recipes.


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