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Splash off, Diveagar is Coming! By Yaseen

Diveagar Beach!

Hello everyone, my name is Yaseen. I am going to tell you about Diveagar Beach.  This is the first place I began my travel when I was 3 months old. Diveagar is a tourist place. It is a fun beach village.

We woke up early in the morning to drive to Diveagar, and we reached just in time for lunch. The resort or rather our temporary home is called Grand Ambience.

While my mother and father were talking, I was reading my favorite comic books, Sonic the Hedgehog. We ate fish Thali. So, while we were eating, we decided to go to the beach afterward.

I asked my mother if she could help me build a sand castle since we got a garden shovel and a plastic food container (because we forgot to bring a bucket from home.) After lunch,my father went for snoozing. A little while after that, my father woke up so we could go to the beach. And then, we took the bucket and shovel to build the sand castle.

We drove on the village road. “The show is on the road,” I said. We made the sand castle with tough effort. We called it the Doom Shell. We made some dams, boulders and trap doors, too. The waves destroyed everything accept the doom boulder (which holds the Doom Shell). And we should tell you something. KEEP THE ENVIRONMENT CLEAN!!!!!

We came back to the resort and had dinner. Thali again. But my mother only drank a lot of Sol Kadhi. Before sleeping, we played a game called ‘Labor Trouble.’ Then we crashed on the bed. Zzzz, yawned.

At dawn, we woke up and went for a walk to a local market. We also bought a Cadbury Play Pack, which had Uno cards in it.

Our breakfast were Poha, bread and butter, coffee and hot cocoa, served on our balcony. We also had some dessert: Cadbury milk chocolate.

When it got really hot during the day, my mother cut a watermelon, we ate the juicy chunks, and then I collected the seeds to plant them. So, my dear friends, please take care of the planet. We can make a difference. Mother Nature has helped us in many ways, such as food, clothes, wood, etc. so we should be nice to her, too. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the watermelon seeds. I planted them, and I hoped they grew big and feed everyone at the resort.

My father told me to count the mango trees, and we chitchatted under their shades.

We went to the beach again that evening and made another sand castle. This one would have a moat, and it had 2 floors. Gigantic! It took so much time to make the moat, but we finished it just before sunset. Though it was super-duper strong, the waves slammed the beach hard and almost destroyed the castle.

The moon appeared, and the sun was gone. It was time to go to back to our room. I don’t know if my castle would stand the tides, but who knew, it might, because it’s quite strong. The restaurant was on the side of the resort, just 10 steps from our room. I had pre-ordered Chicken Kheema Masala, Chapatti  and rice. I was so bored of seafood. We waited for 10,000 hours for dinner (OK, it wasn’t that long, but it felt like forever.) When our food was ready, we walked to the restaurant. My tummy was so stuffed.

On the last night, I stayed up late and drew a lot of pictures, but my parents crashed early. When I went to sleep, I had a heavy dream of Sonic the Hedgehog.

We woke up early to leave Diveagar. We also went to a fish market to buy some fish. The fishermen hadn’t come yet, but the cats were hanging around the area a lot. They were on the roofs and the tops of some vehicles. I guessed they were waiting for their shares, too.

Then we went to another beach called Aravi Beach to find some pearls. All of the shells were empty except one which sank into the tide puddle.

We went back to the market to check on the fish again. The boats didn’t have many catches so we couldn’t buy the fishes. My parents were disappointed. They said the world had changed because of the pollution.

It’s time. We started to find our way home. Peehew! It was blazing hot like we were in a desert. All the hills were yellow and dried. We reached the lake, and there was little water left in it. My mom said Mulshi Lake supplied water to Pune City. What would we do if the water was all gone?

I was hungry. We spotted a restaurant, but we did not like any food on the menu so we left. We found another restaurant where we saw a big picture of a lady making Bhakri. It looked traditional so we went in. When I tried the Indriyani rice, it was the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssst!!!

So we bought 2 kg of rice from the restaurant owner. He also told us that he harvested it from his farm. On the way, we ate some fresh strawberries.

We finally arrived home. Okay, this is the end, but I will tell you about more places soon.

Bye-bye. See you next time.


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