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Pink Milk

Have you ever seen Pink Milk? The gorgeous pastel pink beverage served with lots of ice in plastic cups is not just cute but so delightfully sweet and refreshing. Summer is when you witness them bloom on the streets and in the markets of Thailand like real flowers.

Pink Milk is called Nom Yen. Nom means Milk, and Yen means Cold. Nom Yen can be translated as Cold Milk, but it’s mostly referred to this beautiful Pink milk made with Sala Syrup.

Sala is a fruit of a species of palm tree grown in the South of Thailand. It’s a close family of Snake fruits which are found in many Southeast Asian countries. Sala fruits have strong sweet and sour flavor and a floral note, making it a perfect ingredient to add a whimsical tone in dessert dishes and drink mixes.

The syrup we’re using here is an artificial flavor of Sala fruit. It’s not really a natural extract, but it’s what is widely used and enjoyed by everyone. Hale’s is a brand I grew up with. When I was a kind, there were only two flavors, ones red and one green, but now there is an array of products, but the Red, Sala Flavor, is still the biggest hit.

We bought Hale’s syrup from a small Asian grocery store in Pune, but you can also buy it online now. One bottle usually lasts 3 months or so because it’s quite potent.

Cold Pink Milk Recipe

Ingredients: (2 Servings)

1.5 cups cold milk

3 tbsp Sala Syrup

2 glasses of ice


Mix the syrup with cold milk. Stir and taste. Add more syrup if you need, and serve with lots of ice.

Yaseen made this drink for me, and we made a video as well. You can watch it here.

I think we will probably finish this bottle soon because the weather is unbearably hot. What’s your favorite summer drink?


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