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Let‘s dive in, Gokarna! By Yaseen

Hello, it’s your friendly writer, Yaseen. We were checking our things and packed them in the backpacks. We left home at 7:30 am even though we planned it at 6.00. We’re always late, but I really looked forward to be in Gokarna, a beach little beach village my parents told me about. Hey, check out my list!

v.i.t. (Very Important Things)

Nail clipper



PVZ books & Geronimo Stilton books

Pencil box and other stationery supplies


2 caps


When everything was in place, my bapa went to get a car, and we were off. For breakfast, we stopped at our usual spot in NH47, Hotel Sai Internation. I had Choley Batura (Deep Fried Dough with Chickpea), my bapa had Poha (Spiced Rice Flakes), and my mama had masala dosa (Rice Crepe with Potato Filling). We reached Belgaum and then Hubli, but all these while the road looked the same, so I was a little bored. Good I had my comic books with me. I was sooooooooo hungry so we stopped on the side of the highway to make lunch. Yes, my mom cooked me some noodle in the car. She poured hot water in a cup noodle, and we waited for 5 minutes for it to be soft. It’s the best noodle ever!

Since it was so hot, we also had some mango flavor electrolyte water. My mama chilled it in front of an AC blower. And then we continued, just being in the car for a very very very very very long time. The road slipped in a thick forest. The woods were so green and the forest looked peaceful so we decided to take a break there. I saw a big tree on the other side of the road, and there was a strange animal on it. My mama and bapa couldn’t see it because its fur was camouflaged by the color of the bark. It was scarlet brown.

The evening was near but we still hadn’t found a place to sleep at night. My parents were still chatting along the ride like they didn’t worry so I was relaxed, too, reading my books. We soon turned to a small twisted road and my mama started to navigate to a hotel we’d booked using her phone. We went uphill, but it was blocked, so we drove back downhill. It got very confusing so we stopped and called the hotel because the GPS didn’t seem to work. A man told us to take a rough mud road which led us to a parking lot in the middle of a juggle. We had to walk for 10 minutes with our bags to get to the hotel, and then we found a beach. A very small beach. Walking on the sand was so difficult when we carried heavy things, so when I saw the entrance to our hotel, I was relieved. We decided to take a very good rest from that very long travel. When it was dark, we went to dinner. A hut in front of our hotel was called the Pizzeria. I had pasta. It was so smoky. There was a lot of food on my plate that I could only eat half of it. On top of that, the winds were so strong. The sands and water were blown all over us. But I like it because it was a candlelight dinner with my family.

In a small cottage, my father and I slept in a bed, and my mother was on the weird sofa bed. We slept quickly because we’re so tired and our tummies were full. I think I heard the waves in my dreams all night.


It’s day 2 in Gokarna. Today would be the first time I tried scuba diving. We woke up early morning to go for a walk on the beach. We strolled in the sand barefoot for a very long time. I made a gigantic sand castle! It was the best one I’ve ever seen in my life. My parent helped me, and we even made the walls and a pit. We ate breakfast at a place called Green Garden. l had the special breakfast which was a colossal plate of eggs, bread, butter and jam, and potatoes. We went back to the hotel with our legs full of sand. I washed my legs in a shower place in front of our hotel to clean up before getting inside our cottage.

It was hot now so we wouldn’t be able to be on the beach so I started writing a blog post and I am really sorry I updated the blog late :(.

At noon, the beach was baked, but we needed to eat so we went to look for a beach shack for nice lunch. We ended up at the same place. Yes, you got it right, Green garden. For starter, we had French Fries and different kind of milkshakes, the main course for me was chicken lasagna, and for dessert, we shared banana toffees.

When the sun became gentle in the late afternoon, I went back to check on my castle. It looked like my sand castle took a great hit of waves, but it still survived! I was so happy. I also played cricket with my father while my mother read a book next to my sand castle.

It’s time for my snorkeling practice. I thought I got it. I was confident. I walked into the sea until the water was at my chest level. “Let’s dive in,” I screamed and dipped my head in the water. All I saw were the sand and small empty shells. The water was quite murky, but I had great fun.

At night, the winds picked up speed again. Our dinner almost flew away. I had pizza and momos. My 4th glass of lime soda was so fresh and frizzy.

When we went to sleep that night, my mama and bapa changed their sleeping spots. She was on the bed and he was on the sofa. I was lucky that nobody asked me for my spot because it was so cool and comfortable.

Early morning we got up before everybody else did. I felt so sleepy when we had to walk to the car with our luggage, but as soon as my bapa turned the wheels, I knew the next adventures were coming our way.

Thanks for reading, friends. See you soon in the next blog. Bye-bye.

Oh wait! Here is our Gokarna Vlog. You will see me built a sand castle

Bye again!


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