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When I Need to Relax…


I know I have been a little under stress lately. Though I sleep better these days, during the day I’m drown in work and sit in front of laptop all day. “I need to relax,” I keeps telling myself. A few hours of pampering in spa sounds perfect. I visited Four Fountains De-Stress Spa a couple

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Olive Oil and Egg Yoke Hair Treatment

Olive oil and egg yoke for Frizzy hair 3

I’m thinking about rebonding my hair again. My hair is naturally curly, and if not taken care of, it gets pretty frizzy and difficult to manage. Hair rebonding can get my hair straightened and smooth, easy to work with, but it comes with expensive price tags. I’m not only talking about the cost in the

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My New Bangs


I woke up really late on Sunday morning, and it was such a beautiful day. While I was washing my face, I thought to myself “I want bangs.” You have to be really brave or crazy to just grab a pair of scissors and cut your own bangs like I did. The sane person should

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My Summer Braids and Some Tips on How to Take Care of Your Split Ends


I am a natural curly. My hair is wavy and fuzzy like a spun sugar. It’s quite difficult to manage. I had my hair straighten now, but sometimes I do miss my curls so I grab a hair curler and do the rolls. I am so thankful to the hair care technologies these days. We can

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Weekly Health Tips- Sugar Watch in Summer Drink

Summer is here. Generally everyone think summer is warm in most parts of the world. But if you live close to the equator like many tropical countries here, summer gets really hot hot hot. Summer is not a good time for many things I love to do. I love outdoor, but during summer outdoor is a

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Summer Skin with Sweet Raspberry

I am going to be nagging about the weather everyday from now on. I don’t like summer, everything about it…except for food. Here in Pune, the morning arrives too early with the heat that irritates you out of bed. My eyes become sore with super solar brightness, and getting out of the house means I

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Weekly Health Tips with Sadik

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? They say, a healthy mind can stay only in a healthy body. So here are some of my heath tips. I’m not a heath or nutrition expert. But I’m pretty sure that all of these will help everyone stay fit Eat lot of fruits, I love fruits. I

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Favourite Scent

I think February is the most romantic month. Not only because we celebrate Valentine’s Day in it, but the overall temperature and feelings are just right. Strawberries blossom in the markets and honeybees roaming around local florists. The air is sedated with morning mist like a scene in romantic novel. I fantasize about what my

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Nyassa Lavender Soap Bar

I adore the color and scent of lavender. It makes my skin feel exotic and relax. It’s one of my favourite flowers. Many restless evenings, imagining myself submerged in the wild lavender field, made me feel very calm and happy. I got this Lavender Soap Bar recently and it has become one of my favourite things.

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Cold Lips in Winter

You know me, I love winter. Maybe it is as much as I love rainy season but with different feel. Rain is romantic with nostalgia, but winter is so fuzzy and cuddly. Winter is so cozy, it pulls us together hugging inside a blanket. But winter is also very cold and dry, just a bitter part

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