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Jaew- Thai Dipping Sauce (Version I)

Jaew is Thai style dipping sauce. It can be thin or thick and even dense like texture of chutney. Jaew and other kind of dipping sauce are often accompanied the meal and various dishes. The dishes couldn’t be complete without these delicious dips sitting on the side. The main ingredient of Jaew is definitely chili. The

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Pandan Flavour by Best Odour

Pandan leaf extract is one of the most popular flavours you can find in Asian dessert. It sweet melody blesses the dishes with beautiful aroma. Pandan leaf gives both color and flavour. The fresh extract of pandan leaves delivered the freshest green and loveliest fragrance. It is Vanilla of Asia. When I am at home in

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Chicken Stock Formula I

My comforting noodle soup started with a pot of homemade chicken stock. Something about homemade chicken stock, a bottle of concentrate stock couldn’t bring. The mellow-y subtle taste allows any flavour to develop and explode into the dish. I have several chicken stock formulas collected over the years from family members and friends. This one is

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Thai Green Chili Sauce

At a typical Thai table, the vibrant spread of food always accompanied by sassy condiments like dipping sauce, pungent chutney or spicy dressing. Something like julienned fresh chilies and shallots floating over fish sauce is a must companion of a famous stir fried chicken with basil over hot rice. Rice and omelet becomes a divine

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Homemade Sambal

One of my favourite condiments used in rice dish is sambal, and the best sambal is actually homemade. Something about that torturing heat in red hot paste is extremely indulging and addictive. Sambal is a chili base condiment popular used in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. They are different types of sambal depending upon people’s preferences but

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Chaat Masala

Chaat masala is spice mix used in savory snacks popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. The pungent combination of spices was a perfect pitch on fruit salad, crunchy street snacks, or even hot Tandoori chicken. The strong earthy fragrance of Chaat masala also gives the wonderful twirl in cooling lime juice. Chaat masala became one of

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Sweet and Spicy Dried Squid

Have you ever tried dried squid? Squid are spread over bamboo sheet and let to dehydrate and dried in sunlight. It becomes flat, brown, salty, fishy treat. There are many forms of dried seafood we indulge in Asia, whether it is shredded squid, grilled dried quid or deep fries, they are making great snacks for drink

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Flowers Infused Water

Long time ago, Thai home served chill water with few jasmines floated in the big silver cup. Drinking water used to be collected from rain falling on the roof. Rain flowed over the trough down the spout into the clay or mud storage was pure, clean, fresh and cold. The water used for drinking was

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Natural Food Coloring

I am not much of a sweet tooth kind of person, but once a while indulging in colorful tiny bite Thai sweet and dessert make me realize how wonderful sugar tastes. Thai desserts look so fine and elegant and they considered being arts that mend in our daily lives. To make such gorgeous treats requires techniques

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Strawberry Pickle

My husband has been asking me when I am going to post his strange and innovative strawberry pickle recipe in our blog. We came up with the competition to create a uniquely delicious recipe using strawberries as a feature ingredient. Though I won the competition with my Chicken and Strawberry Pepper Sauce fair and square,

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