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dal 3

Dal is a dried lentil that has been split, hull removed. There is an abundant variety of dal in India. Dal is also a comforting dish made by cooking dried split pulse until it becomes the delightful thick gravy. The simple flavor of dal is grown on me. I am loving it so much I

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Noodle in Five Spice Chicken Broth

Noodle with Five Spice Chicke broth 1

When I’m thinking of Pho or noodle with broth, I don’t usually consider chicken in the flavorsome stock. It’s just how the texture of chicken which can be overcooked and dry easily even when it’s submerged in liquid. Red meat is the way to go when we make noodle with broth at home. Of course,

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15 Minutes Chicken and Macaroni Soup

Macaroni Soup 1

When I cooked this dish a few weeks ago, I literally had no time. I meant it when I said I had no time. Yaseen was home early, and I had to finish a lot of writings. He was hungry so I decided to whip something up easy in one pot. No mess, no fuss,

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Pea and Leek Soup

Leek and Pea Soup 2

The weather in Pune has been really cold lately. I love chill air. It makes me want to fill the whole house with warmth, buttery baking smell and comfort food. And when you think about comfort food, what pops right in your mind right away? For me, it’s soup. Hot, yummy, fresh home-made soup. My favorite

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Easy Noodle Soup with Marinated Meat

Easy noodle with marinated beef 1

Noodle soup is a popular street food in Thailand. There are so many kinds of noodle soup. It can be made with chicken, duck, seafood or any kind of proteins. There are also so many different varieties of noodle used in noodle soup dishes. It can be thick and flat or thin like angle hair

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Thai Sukiyaki with Marinated Meat

Thai beef sukiyaki 1

Remember I told you about Thai Sukiyaki before? It’s a comforting soup with vegetable, meat, bean thread noodle and sukiyaki sauce, the pungent chili base sauce with sesame seeds. I showed you the seafood version of this dish before. Today I just made it with marinated meat. You can use any kind of red meat or

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A Simple Broth

simple broth 1

I like buying chicken from a local store than buying package meat from a supermarket. The local store prepares the chicken for you as soon as you ordered so it’s super fresh. But bad side though, you will get the whole chicken, not the specific portion you just want for your cooking. So when I bring

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9 Delicious Slurps for a Rainy Day

It’s finally raining today. I mean really really raining. Not like a drizzling or the teasing drops, like it usually was for a couple of weeks ago, but a generous, non-stop showering for the entire day. Today it comes pouring down, flooding the street I walk and washing the outside of my windows. Now the air

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Noodle with Miso and Mushroom Broth

It rained at 9.30 am here, yesterday. It wasn’t much and not at all satisfying but it cooled the air down enough to have a thought for a soup. The smell of wet mud rose from the ground to our 4th floor apartment. I opened the window and invited the cold spray in. Anything hot

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Soup of the Sea

I grew up in Northeast of Thailand, where it was separated and cut out from the sea. The first time I saw the sea was on a family trip when I was really young. I didn’t remember when or any other details about the trip but the great, grand, glorious view that took my breath

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