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DIY Instant & Easy Pin Board under $3 in 15 minutes

DIY Pinboard 1

I’ve been busy with tons of works for the past few weeks. It’s crazy how things kept piling up in front of me, and I don’t know how to handle them efficiently. I’ve always wanna have a pin board on my desk to display pieces of things that inspire me and organize my schedule. I

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Up All Night

You might be wondering where have I been all week? Sorry for not updating post as often as I used to. But I have been busy… hunting! Before you get the wrong idea, I should also tell you that I didn’t kill anything. Now honestly it was just an imaginary place where I’ve been living for

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Little Owl Beanie

I’ve spend the last few days working on Yaseen bird theme costume for his school event. My first choice was really shopping for one but I’ve turned the city up side down and bird costume was nowhere to be found. I thought about ordering a cute one online from the US but I doubted it

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Natural Book Marker from Siam Weed

The fresh air after rain and the moist scent of green rice field, that’s what my new book marker reminds me of. It is such a good smell returning me good feelings, good memories. What’s Siam Weed? Siam weed or bitter bush is a common weed grows throughout tropical part of the world. Siam weed can

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Balcony Garden

When we were back home late afternoon a few days ago, I was mortified to see my home taking over my dirt and mold. It took me all night and day to sterilize and certify my living room safe for human being again. While we were out, we closed doors and windows without realizing that

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Free eCookbook- Sassy Asian Party Cookbook

While I was away with moving my site to the new hosting plan, as promised, I composed a small ecookbook for everyone. Just in time for spring/summer, these recipes couldn’t be more perfect for this lively season. I have been working on 2 cookbooks for a while now, one of which is going to be published

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Leeswammes’ Blog

We’ve been nourished ourselves with delicious food and healthy recipes for quite sometime now, it’s time to nurture of thoughts, minds, ideas, and imaginations. My friend, Judith runs a beautiful Leeswammes’ blog, a book blog I love. Every week, I got some amazing books to read from there. I love the way I travel and live

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Grilled Banana with Coconut Cream Caramel

When I was studying, after school when I strayed on the road for some snacks and stationery collections, one smell always stopped me. It was a coconut caramel mixed with charcoal grilled banana that scented the street. I loved this delicious sweet, when I moved to India I made sure that I carried the recipe

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Placemats and Hellboy

After I’ve finished my coasters, I found crochet very enjoying. I found a little time while Yaseen napped in the afternoon to make something beautiful for my home. I saw a placemat design at Zoom Yummy of Patra a few weeks ago and though how beautiful and simple it was. She has a lot of beautiful

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Egg Bhurji and My New Coasters

Egg Bhuri is an Indian spicy scramble egg. It is hot and spicy, so you might be surprised to know that it is one of Yaseen’s favourite dishes. Living here, he grows accustomed to the taste and flavour of India. So he loves the taste of masala and spices. The actual Egg Bhurgi in India

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