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Boon Khow Saag : Thai Festival of Offering


It was a holiday so I was allowed to sleep in a little longer. I loved cold air coming from the windows in the morning. It made me realize how lucky I was to be home. I could hear traditional Isaan music trembling in the air. The village community building had been playing the songs

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At the Carnival


I just downloaded WordPress app on my phone so I can blog randomly a little often. I’m not complaining, but sometimes blogging can be tiring when I have to go through a lot of pictures and transfer them from my phone and camera to my laptop. Now I can do the spontaneous lazy posts on

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Happy New Year and Our 2014 Plan

breakfast new year 1

Happy New Year, my dear readers and friends. It has been a long journey. I can’t believe how far we had come and how much we had grown in this amazing 4 years. We made friends and shared beautiful memories, recipes and travel stories. And we’re glad that you joined in and shared your comments,

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ABC Farms Cheese and Wine Festival 2013, Pune

ABC Farm Cheese and Wine Fest 1

Okay, this post is going to be quick because as soon as you finish reading this, you should be heading to ABC Farms for Cheese and Wine Festival right now! Early this week, I was invited via twitter to go check out ABC Farms Cheese and Wine Festival 2013. Well, if you haven’t connected to me

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Happy Birthday Yaseen


Yaseen is 5 years old today 🙂 My little boy grows up so fast. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. Time flies so quickly I don’t even realize he’s such a big boy already. Today is also an Independence Day in India. Yaseen’s school has a flag hosting ceremony in the morning. His teachers

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Party with the Kitchens of India


I consider myself an okay-good cook when it comes to Indian food. I love the aroma and the intense flavor of Indian dishes. It makes my house smell like a cozy restaurant. And a cozy restaurant is how I like it to be when I have a party at home. I want everyone to tuck

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Diwali 2012

Yesterday was Diwali, a festival of light in India. It’s not only a super-fun celebration, but it is the best time for shopping. Everybody is having sales! I’ve been waiting for Diwali Super Sales for whole year. And yesterday we did save a lot on the supersize shopping we did for our new home. Since we’re

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Happy Birthday Yaseen

Early morning of August 15, 2008 I met the most beautiful boy. He was the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid my eyes on. It was love at first sight, and 4 years later I still couldn’t get enough of him. Yaseen was born on August 15, which is also a date for celebration of

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My Valentine’s

It is a romantic day, there is some kind of flimsy mist in the air. Very whimsical and dreamy. My valentine’s. The first thing I touched in the morning was chocolate he gave me. And then there are these beautiful things… I love them all… The evening garden is also very calm and soothing and here is the token of our

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Pune Marathon 2011

We attended our second International Pune Marathon this morning. It was difficult to pull ourselves up from the warm bed in the most pampering weather but this charity run was always important to us. Pune Martathon 2011 is an annual charity run for a cause in Pune, India. Last year it was about HIV AIDS and this year

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