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Pune University | Walk with Us

Pune uni 1

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in India, and we think it’s lovely to ask you to come take a little walk with us. Here in the city of Pune, there is Pune University where beautiful nature is preserved and protected. We love coming here to walk because the air is fresh and the cool shades

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The Best Gift Ever!

Best gifts 1

A few weeks ago, after I discovered Minimalism, I started to declutter my home. I gave away clothes and got rid of a lot of stuff. Can I tell you something? It feels so good detaching myself from most of my processions. Do you want to know what kind of stuff we threw away the

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Homeschool Art Class for Yaseen

Yaseen art class 6 copy

The other day Sadik told me that I should get an award for someone who watched the most number of horror movies ever. I don’t know if I truly deserve it, but I can say I watched all horror movies I could possibly find to the point that English horror movies were out of stock

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We are on Best Blog in India 2015

Dubare Elephant Camp 4

Good morning! It’s a super chilly morning here in Pune. Winter in India is just perfect to be outdoor. It’s not really as cold as winter in the west, just nice, a little breezy and lovely. Anyway, I have good news to share with you guys hehehe 🙂 We made it to the Best Blogs in India

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At the Carnival


I just downloaded WordPress app on my phone so I can blog randomly a little often. I’m not complaining, but sometimes blogging can be tiring when I have to go through a lot of pictures and transfer them from my phone and camera to my laptop. Now I can do the spontaneous lazy posts on

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Thailand Trip May 2015

Thai 2015 pic 1

I was born in a small town in Thailand. When I was a kid, I remember wanting to grow up fast and wanting to get out of this little town. I thought life in a tiny town was too quiet, and nothing exciting would ever happened there. I craved adventures and chaotic life, but now

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Traditional Cake Mixing Event at the Westin Koregaon Park, Pune

Cake mixing Westin 9

Food, to me is not just an edible items but a process altogether to put something fantastic on a plate, tastes better when you get your hands in it. This is true. I’m a true believer of community spirit transpired during the festivities. Christmas is a couple of months away, not that long considering tons of

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#OCookout at the O Hotel Pune with Pune Foodiez

#OCookout Pic 1

Happy Valentines, my adoring readers and friends. So you already knew that I was in the O Aphrodisiac Cookout at the O Hotel, Koregaon Park, Pune, last Sunday. It was lots of fun and a big challenge for me. Chef Pankaj Kalko, the executive chef of the hotel, whipped up some risottos and mushroom cappuccino

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#OCookout : The Aphrodisiac Cookout with The O Hotel Pune with @PuneFoodiez

#OCookout 1

My dear readers and friends, I’m so excited to tell you that I am going to be in the Aphrodisiac Cookout with the Executive Chef Pankaj Kalko, Senior Executive Chef of the O Hotel with my friend and the lovely blogger, Priyanka Sirohi. As the season of love has arrived, the O Hotel Pune and Pune

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Go Viva Goa with MealTango

Meal Tango 3

Have you ever heard of MealTango? Sadik actually knew about this before I did. When he was returning on a business trip, he found an article about MealTango on the flight and saved a snippet for me. The concept of MealTango intrigued me immediately. Meal Tango is a worldwide community that connects friendly hosts to

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