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My Shopping Experience with Homeshop 18 TV

Homeshop18 TV 1

When 2014 was approaching, our schedule was hectic. We just came back from a long trip, and the very next weekend, we had a great event at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. Then Sadik’s relatives came from Kerala to visit. And he and I were working on our stuff on new year eve. We just

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My Holiday Shopping

When I think of December, I think of the late night sleep, a hot cup of coffee sitting by the windowpane, the swirl of cinnamon in the oven, and a long shopping list that would drain my yearly saving. Yes, shopping is a big part of December. And this year especially, it can be very

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The Pickle Hut

I am a fan of anything salty and pickling. Thinking about pickle makes my mouth water. I love big slices of pickle in my sandwich or even salad. I also adore spicy Indian pickle which goes very well with any rice dish. When I was a kid, my mother always preserved raw mango in the

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Red Guava

Years ago my husband and I got ripe off in the local market. The loud shout distracted us from buying our regular grocery to a man with the basket full of guavas. I don’t remember what he was yelling but in his hands were the freshest guavas I had ever seen. If you don’t know

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Pandan Flavour by Best Odour

Pandan leaf extract is one of the most popular flavours you can find in Asian dessert. It sweet melody blesses the dishes with beautiful aroma. Pandan leaf gives both color and flavour. The fresh extract of pandan leaves delivered the freshest green and loveliest fragrance. It is Vanilla of Asia. When I am at home in

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Favourite Scent

I think February is the most romantic month. Not only because we celebrate Valentine’s Day in it, but the overall temperature and feelings are just right. Strawberries blossom in the markets and honeybees roaming around local florists. The air is sedated with morning mist like a scene in romantic novel. I fantasize about what my

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Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert

Winter swept the cold breeze through my window every morning. We wished to stay warmed in the bed as much as we could, but the busy schedule of a day ahead dragged me out of the warm blanket. Rice soup is always the idea breakfast this season, the comforting and warmness dispersed from the stove

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Cutest Jute Twine Bags

Thailand is famous for beautiful handicrafts and handmade products (remember our cutest elephant bags?). In Thailand, you are not only seeing beautiful places, enjoying great shows, eating delicious things, when you are going back home you get to bring a lot of cute souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. Last time we visited Jatujak Market,

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Cutest Elephant Bags

  Look at the tiny elephants in the front. They look so sweet and precious. I use one as on-the-go makeup bag. They are so colorful and glittering… Stay tune for these kind of cutest giveaway… Love, Tes

Salty Plum in Sugar Amber

As I grow up, I don’t crave candies as much as I did when I was a kid. I crave steak or maybe spicy stew. I have good memories with candies but I don’t feel necessity of indulge a mouthful of them everyday. The funny part of all these is I still buy them, a

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