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How to Season Cast Iron Wok on Stove

Season Cast Iron 9

I think my favorite part of cooking is the beginning, besides at the end of it is not my cup of tea. You know what I mean. After cooking, your kitchen is turned upside down, and it’s the tiring task to clean up the mess. But back to the happy side of cooking, turning on

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Get Ready for Monsoon

Get Ready for Monsoon 1

Rainy season is here in Pune. Although the rain is so little in the city, but I heard that it rains heavily in the mountains and hill stations. Finally we can have the water back in the lakes, and our farmers can sow and grow our food. Rain makes everything so alive. I can picture the

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Easy House Cleaning Steps and Tips


Okay guys, let’s get down and dirty. One of the most asked question I’ve got over the years is how I am making it seems easy to be a full time housewife, a mom and working on many projects at the same time. The truth is I might seem to work on so many things,

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Choosing Home and Kitchen Appliances


Home and kitchen appliances are a big investment in the household. Appliances in your home give the finishing touch and perform important daily tasks for your family. When purchasing any appliances for home and kitchen, think about the long run. These products should work for many years. There are so many factors to consider while

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My Kitchen Essential


I got my kitchen done a few months ago, but I haven’t told you about it yet. It’s a very compact and functional one. I love sneaking in there before sunrise. I have a little working space there where I can sit and work while something hot and delicious brewing on the stove and the

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Welcome to our Dining Area

dining area 2

When we bought this apartment, I’m very happy about the layout of this place. It’s spacious and functional. The bedrooms are of the perfect sizes, the kitchen is cozy, and there’s a good space of balcony for laying back in the summer days. We have a dining area attached to the living room. It’s a place

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Home update October 2012

We supposed to move to our new house in April, but it’s now October, and we still haven’t set the date. The house is almost done, but it’s so white and empty. Here, look at the building. It is almost ready, and in fact, few families have already moved in. But we’re on 11th floor, and

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Our Home Update, June 2012

We’ve been waiting for our first home for a long while. I can’t wait to decorate it and finally move in. I want my home to be simple, cozy and safe. This home makes me feel like a new beginning. I don’t know, sometimes I felt like we’ve been stuck forever. But a home of

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Home Update April 2012

Our first home is going to be delay to be ready. We wished to move in next month, but it seems impossible now. There are still a lot to be done, and after that another month for interior decoration. I am disappointed but there is also a really good part of it. We are going

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First Home

There is a saying in Kerala, every middleclass Keralite spend the entire life’s fortune to build a house. Ever you visited Kerala, you would see the best houses having extravagance designs and styles. Being one that was born and bought up in that land, no wonder I also had a dream about a house! When you

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