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Nyassa Lavender Soap Bar

I adore the color and scent of lavender. It makes my skin feel exotic and relax. It’s one of my favourite flowers. Many restless evenings, imagining myself submerged in the wild lavender field, made me feel very calm and happy. I got this Lavender Soap Bar recently and it has become one of my favourite things.

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Cold Lips in Winter

You know me, I love winter. Maybe it is as much as I love rainy season but with different feel. Rain is romantic with nostalgia, but winter is so fuzzy and cuddly. Winter is so cozy, it pulls us together hugging inside a blanket. But winter is also very cold and dry, just a bitter part

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Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert

Winter swept the cold breeze through my window every morning. We wished to stay warmed in the bed as much as we could, but the busy schedule of a day ahead dragged me out of the warm blanket. Rice soup is always the idea breakfast this season, the comforting and warmness dispersed from the stove

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Addicted to Nature- Pomegranate and Grapeseed Face Polish

Women love spa, to be fully pampered and indulged with fragrances and relaxing treatments which ultimately make us look and feel good. It is something we can be doing all day. But practically we could not be in spa everyday, for one of the reasons is that these extremely luxury treatments came with extremely heavy

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Samsung Galaxy S2

I could never understand why my husband needed so many technologies in his phone as much as he couldn’t understand why I had so many earrings in my jewelry drawer. There was a time that mobile phones were just phone and they were used to just call or send messages. I never thought I would want

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Cutest Elephant Bags

  Look at the tiny elephants in the front. They look so sweet and precious. I use one as on-the-go makeup bag. They are so colorful and glittering… Stay tune for these kind of cutest giveaway… Love, Tes

Bedtime Indulgence

My husband is trapped in the recent indulgence of pampering scent from our new massage oil, Sabai-arom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Bedtime Aromatic Massage Oil. The gentle sweet scent of Jasmine and White Champaca is so soothing and relaxing. When we traveling back to India few weeks ago, we had a chance to eat and shop

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