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Aravi Beach and Bharad Khol | Walk with Us

Aravi Beach

Come walk with us in a beautiful morning here in Aravi Beach, a quiet beach near Diveagar, in the coastal region of India. After that, let’s visit Bharad Khol Fish Market before heading out for a heavy breakfast at a local restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss the

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Fish Markets in India That We Love

Barad Cole fish market 2

Fish markets in India are the beautiful chaos of people who love the seas. If you follow us for a while now, you will know about our fascination on fish markets. I think when you love cooking, you want to go extra miles for the freshest produce. And if you love seafood, fish markets are

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2 Travel Videos: Our Day in Goa and Our Trip Back Home to Pune

Kerala - Goa -Pune 12

Hello guys, today I have 2 videos for you to watch. In the first video, it’s how we spent our day in Goa. It’s very limited and that’s why we want to go back again soon. And another video is we driving back to Pune via the beautiful Amboli Ghat. I hope you enjoy these

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Boating, Tsunami Island, Local Food here in Tarkarli and Devbagh Beach

Boating food tarkarli and devgad 2

Our second day at Tarkarli was packed with a lot of fun. We went boating in the morning. When we were all soaked in water in Tsunami Island, we came back at the resort to change and relax before we went for a little beach hopping. We visited Devbagh Beach and it was so gorgeous.

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New Vlog: Tarkarli Beach and Malvan Fish Market

Tarkali Beach

Hey guys, last weekend we went out again. This time we were back to Tarkarli Beach. We got to spend a lot of time there. I was super excited about it. We also tried our hands on a fish auction at Malvan Fish Market. It’s one of the best experience we had on this trip.

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Vlog #3 Diveagar Beach

diveagar tumbnel

When you think of the beach, what comes to your mind? For us, it goes like this… Diveagar Beach 2015 Watch Diveagar Beach 2015 on Youtube Here the link if you cannot watch it here I hope you enjoy this video. Sadik is on his annual trek to the Himalayas right now. Hope we can see lovely video from …

Food Crawl in Calicut, Kerala

Calicut food crawl 1

I can say this again and again that I love street food especially the hot and greasy ones. While travelling, my family and I always look for street food joints, and many times, little stores on the side of the roads surprises us with delicious treats. Calicut is not a new city for me. I

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Beypore Fish Market, Kerala

Fish Market, Beypore 1

I would like to take you back in time. Let me tell you a story of my dad and how passionate he was when it comes to cooking. Fresh ingredients! Everything needed to be fresh. I remembered tagging along his trip to the morning wet market in my hometown when I was a kid. 4am.

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Beypore Beach, Kerala

Beypore Beach Kerala 1

When you plan to visit the beaches in Kerala, you don’t expect fine white sand and mocktails under the cabanas. But that maybe one of the reasons I love them. The beaches in south India are different. They are tailored for local visitors. The beach might not be that clean and hygienic, but there is

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Harne Fish Market

Harne fish market 1

Here is how our weekend at Konkan region in Maharashtra continues… After an awesome first day at Murud Beach, we checked out from the hotel early morning, hoping to catch up with the morning fish auction at Harne Fish Market. For me and my husband both, it was the highlight of this trip. We had

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