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Fishing at, Pargaon Village, Bhima River

fishing bhima 8

When I was a kid, I accompanied my dad on the hunting trips near the Mekong River. We went there at least once a year in a big caravan of his friends. I was a tom boy, and I loved adventurous stuff so I didn’t mind sleeping in the forest full of mosquitoes. Some nights,

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Beaches in Goa and a Drive to Udupi

arambol beach 2

We were tired, but I didn’t sleep at all that night in Goa. The boys were snoring, and I felt really irritated because of the humidity. We decided to stay close to the beach in a budget hotel which we paid Rs. 1,000 for a room. We were the only people in that hotel. It

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Travel Video: Hampi, Karnataka, India

Hampi Part 2 Pic 17

This is one of the most memorable trips we had. Hampi is a beautiful ancient city in the state of Karnataka, India. It’s was once a capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The ruins of Hampi are now the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi should be on your travel list. It’s magnificent and filled with histories. Hampi Ft.

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Pune University | Walk with Us

Pune uni 1

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in India, and we think it’s lovely to ask you to come take a little walk with us. Here in the city of Pune, there is Pune University where beautiful nature is preserved and protected. We love coming here to walk because the air is fresh and the cool shades

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2 Travel Videos: Our Day in Goa and Our Trip Back Home to Pune

Kerala - Goa -Pune 12

Hello guys, today I have 2 videos for you to watch. In the first video, it’s how we spent our day in Goa. It’s very limited and that’s why we want to go back again soon. And another video is we driving back to Pune via the beautiful Amboli Ghat. I hope you enjoy these

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New Video: Kerala Story

Kerala Trip May 2012 pic 4

So we talk about Kerala all the time. It’s Sadik’s hometown. This beautiful land is also called “God’s Own Country.” It does really look something like that– the ocean of green mountains and laced between the clear rivers. This is our humble home where we visit regularly. If you want to see how our life in

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New Video: Chitradurga Fort

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 1

Hello guys, so here is the first video of our recent road trip from Pune to Kerala. Our first stop is Chitradurga. We spent a night here, and in the morning we visited Chitradurga Fort. This place is beautiful so we want to share a little experience with you guys. Chitradurga Fort is a glorious historical

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Road Trip from Bangalore to Hampi

bangalore to Hampi600

The road seems endless, and it’s exciting because we don’t know what to expect. The reason I love going to new places is because it reminds me so much that we are different yet the same, we are separated by miles but we are connected by the winds that call all travelers to explore the world. This

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Video: Kerala to Bangalore Road Trip

Kerala to Bangalore road trip

This is kind of not fair, but I really want to show you this video. We took this trip 2 years ago, but I finally found these clips and mixed them for you today. Editing this video made me relive this trip all over again so I hope you enjoy watching this video of a

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Breakfast in Hampi

Breakfast at Hampi Bazaar 5

Near Hampi Bazaar, the ruins of Hampi, there is a small lane made especially for tourists also called Hampi Bazaar where restaurants, souvenir shops and guesthouses lined up the street. It felt a bit out of place with the entire ancient city at first. When we entered the market, we were in a place somewhat alienated

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