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Shivaji Trails: Torna Fort

A Torna Fort 1

Hey guys, last weekend was super excited for us. It’s monsoon here in Pune, India, and the whole countryside is green and wet. The hills are covered with green velvets of fresh grass. Rivers are filled. Waterfalls flow from the mountains. The breezes carry the scent of earthy paddy fields blowing everywhere. It’s the season

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Milestone 2

It’s been a very busy week for us. But hey! Do you know that we’re moving this week? I’m very excited to move in new place. We are currently packing and remodeling a lot of furniture. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t update any recipe yet because my kitchen is very unorganized and maybe even uninhabitable at the moment. But

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We’ve just created a new category for the collection of the pictures milestone/milepost. See on the category bar. Sadik and I came up with the idea of collecting the pictures of the milestone along the journey of our future road trip. They can be a reminder of the good time. So here is the first one This

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