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Another Fail Trip of the Late Monsoon

I’m starting to worry that I’m going to miss the rain very much later this year. Monsoon is my favorite season, but in 2017, I got to enjoy it very little. Although Indian Winter is my second dearest season, I wish the landscapes won’t turn dry when the cold creeps in. Sadik has just been back

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A Rainy Train Journey from Kerala to Pune

I honestly didn’t think that I would fall in love with a long journey which we’re packed in a compartment full of strangers. But often when we take a chance in life, an experience rewards us with something wonderful. Indian Railway operates a crucial system of transportation throughout the country. It’s like a circulatory system

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Caught in Heavy Snowfall, Shimla 2017

Shimla Snow 2017

When I came back home from our trip to Himachal Pradesh State of India, I have been mostly asked two questions. One was about the food, and another one was about my experience being stuck in Shimla during heavy snowfall. So before I’m telling you about food and the rest of the trip, and before

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Get Ready for Monsoon

Get Ready for Monsoon 1

Rainy season is here in Pune. Although the rain is so little in the city, but I heard that it rains heavily in the mountains and hill stations. Finally we can have the water back in the lakes, and our farmers can sow and grow our food. Rain makes everything so alive. I can picture the

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India to Myanmar to Thailand Road Trip

Breakfast & road trip 1

It’s 2016, and the international highway connecting India, Myanmar and Thailand is operational, but we are far from making this trip happen. One thing I can promise you guys is we won’t give up on this dream. We are definitely going to make it one way or the other. It’s kind of difficult for me

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Stuff from Road Trip

Stuff from the trip 3

Last time we went to Thailand, we visited a beautiful town on the bank of the Mekong River. Sadik took some stones from the river beach to keep as souvenirs. They were big, round and gorgeous. But while we were having lunch at our relative’s shop, my cousin’s husband noticed the stone which Sadik took

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{Indian Travel Tips} 1: Restaurants and Restrooms on India Road Trip

Drive Kerala-Bangalore 7

We travel a lot. Sadik loves driving, and he wants endless road with good sceneries. Actually he used to tell me that he would be happy to make a career of driving. I asked him, “Like the Transporter?” He said “Yes, but without all the dramas hahaha.” We like to go to new places, and most

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Uru Boat

Uru 1

This post is gonna be quick because I can’t wait to write the next story about my food crawl in Calicut, Kerala. So in the last post, we were at Beypore, shopping at the handicraft store near to Beypore Beach and checking the fish market. Then 15 minutes later, we’re at Uru Boat manufacturing site. Uru

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Funny Road Trip Tips


My dear readers and friends, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to update the next chapter of our trip tonight, and we will be gone for a long drive again in the morning. I just put a suitcase full of clean laundry in the car, a wrinkled old carton box stuffed with eatable gifts

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My Perfect Road Trip

Indian-Thailand road trip

My husband and I had been toying with the idea of our dream road trip for quite sometime now. Guess where we will be heading? It’s from his hometown to mine: from Calicut, Kerala, India to Khon Kaen, Thailand, a trip of our life time we’ve longed to make it happen some day. A trip like

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