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Sadik’s Himalayas Trekking Series Part 1


Hi, It’s Sadik 🙂 Doing something special that you always wished to do, that too along with your wonderful friends, is something that every man wants. Here comes such a story… It’s about my recent trek in Gadval Ranges of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand state of India. I will be posting a series of stories about this wonderful

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Chateau Indage in Narayangaon, Pune-Nashik Road

chateau Indage 3

I’m an outdoor person, but now-a-day, when I look out my window I feel so discouraged. The weather is horrible. It’s so hot and dry. So, I’m feeling trapped because it’s so hard to find a place to hang out in the summer. I want a forest full of big trees, a big lake with

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It Takes 16 Days to Freeze Your Domestic Holiday Plan

my road 1

I love travel the way I love living. We always look forward to a new adventures. Summer vacation is on the way, and it’s a big outdoor-season for us. Though many times we ended up being spontaneous, I like to be organised when it comes to travel. Which is why when Himanshu contacted us about

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Air Travel with Children Tips

Until we can effort to have a private plane, I still have to cross my fingers and hold my breath every time we during air travel. Yes, it’s that stressful. Kids cannot be predicted. Even if you try your best to keep them calm and happy before getting on the plan, a limited space and

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Bharad Khol Fish Market, near Diveagar

If you are a fan of seafood, then this fish market is your heaven. We made a quick stop at Bharad Khol fish market on our way back from Diveagar. Every morning about 8 am, the boats ported near a small village where the vibrant energy has already filled the air. The women sat with

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How to Prepare and Manage Kids in Your Hiking Trip

Before my son was born, I was so worry about changes I was unprepared for. I have always been living a free life and travel all the time. Having another fragile life who needed constant protection and care by my side could really slow me, I concerned. But when he’s finally came into my life,

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Thasadej Indochina Market

After indulging in local cuisines and watching the lively water of the Mekong go by, we headed to Thasadej Indochina Market for some serious shopping. Thasadej Indochina Market is located beside Mekong river stretches parallel to the river and covers more than 1 km long. The market crowded by stalls, shops and restaurants both sides flooded with

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Eating by the Mekong

Mekong river or Khong river is one of my must visit places whenever I go home. Remembering how I used to sleep in the small cottage by Mekong River on my dad’s hunting trips or wondering on the dusty rustic street of Laos for some quick bites, I have always been so proud to brag

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Bangkok (Delicious) Dangerous?

Photo by: federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.netWe are going to Bangkok this weekend. Since Yaseen was born, we haven’t visited Thailand because there always something came up all the time. My baby hasn’t seen my country, yet. My husband will have 1 week off from work, so we are going to see my family and enjoy

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