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A Rainy Train Journey from Kerala to Pune

I honestly didn’t think that I would fall in love with a long journey which we’re packed in a compartment full of strangers. But often when we take a chance in life, an experience rewards us with something wonderful. Indian Railway operates a crucial system of transportation throughout the country. It’s like a circulatory system of the land itself, conveying the necessities of life from place to place. Trains are one of the most popular modes of transportation in India, and after over a decade of living here, I finally had a legit trip on the great railways.


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Food from the Morgues

When I ate that piece of fish, it took me to the very spot where dead bodies and chemicals resided. And I was certain that the fish that I’d just eaten had formalin in it.

Sunday is chaotic in my kitchen when fresh ingredients and new groceries are weekly stocked. It’s also a perfect time to cook an elaborate meal and put the boys’ favorite dishes on the table. We usually cook seafood on Sunday because we visit a local fish market in the morning. I believe it’s a peak fishing season right now as the fish stands are

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Thai Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad

When I was a kid, afterschool time was the most anticipating time of the day. It’s not only because the tiring lessons were over, but it’s time to find something to eat after classes. When the bell rang, we would find several food carts at the school gate. This is a usual scene for most school in Thailand. The students are the hawkers’ best customers. In my days, there would be sodas filled in the plastic cups full of crushed ice, deep-fried and grilled things on sticks, steamed buns and dim sum, chilled fruits and tons of other food to

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10 Minutes Minced Meat Noodle

Our summer vacation has been a little low key. There’s not much happening because Sadik has been busy with work. But at the end of the month, we might drive down to Kerala to relish the magic of the rainfall.

On the weekend, when we have a chance to drive out of town, I enjoy looking at the bright blue sky. It reminds me of those days when I was a kid lying under a big mango tree and watching the clouds slowly dissipated and changed their shapes and stories. I don’t want this summer to just pass by,

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Miang Koong (Thai Prawn Wrap)

Have you ever tried Wild Pepper Leaf? Wild Pepper Leaf or Bai Cha Plu is a pungent, peppery and citrusy leaf used in Southeast Asian cuisines. The leaf looks quite similar to a betel leaf, but they’re completely different thing. In my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting ingredients, and if you haven’t tried it, you have a long way to discover the true local Asian food.

Wild Pepper Leaves are my husband’s favorite green, and we have been trying to grow them in our apartment in India for ages, but sadly, our soil and weather couldn’t support

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Scallion Omelet

In the middle of April, the sky is harsh. The temperature here is baking hot every day. At night, I barely get some sleep because of the heat. Before summer was in full bloom, we thought about getting a new air cooler because the old one hasn’t been working properly. We thought about it a lot, but we decided that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money when we could just fix the old air cooler. So we fixed it, cleaned it up, and we have been using it for about 2 weeks. But two nights ago, the

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Steamed Savory Egg Custard

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I crave baby food. It’s weird I know. Super weird. I like soft banana pudding that they make for baby. I love Bavarian custard. Oh my God, sometimes I eat Cerelac Powder. If you have babies, you know what Cerelac is. Anyway, in my defence, why shouldn’t we love warm, soft and sweet food.

Well, technically, Steamed Savory Egg Custard isn’t baby food. This delicious egg dish is savored by people of all ages in Thailand. The silky, delicate egg custard is easy to make, and it’s required simple technique.


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Chia Pudding with Salted Coconut Cream and Mango

I know I’m very much behind the trend, but I’ve recently discovered chia seeds. These tiny seeds become one of my kitchen essentials because I can use them as a healthy substitute in a number of dishes. Also, I don’t actually need to cook them. They’re just needed to be soaked, and voila, you have a decadent pudding ready to be flavored and garnished.

Since my husband tried to cut down grains from his diet, chia seeds had become a useful ingredient to provide him with some of the nostalgic dishes that he loves like Payasum and Thai Sticky

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Grilled Salmon with Kale

Usually, our weekends, when we don’t go trekking, are basically filled with errands, lunches at the restaurants, and randomness around the town. The days are usually messy, and we can’t stick to the schedule. After grocery shopping, we go for lunch which often ends up quite late in the afternoon. By the time, we get back home, my husband always feels so tired that he falls as asleep on the couch right away.

We have to come to terms with the fact that eating out is not quite healthy. And while I’m not very strict with my diet, my

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2 Ingredients Healthy Moong Popsicle

When I was a kid, during summer, I often went to my favorite shop to get icy treats. Back then, we didn’t have Baskin Robbins or Wall’s, but we had the light and refreshing ice creams and something called Waan Yen which is basically a popsicle.

In Thai, Waan means sweet, and Yen means cold. Waan Yen is a very popular treat during hot weather. It can be on a stick like a popsicle, or in a tiny plastic bag which is fun to eat, too. There are tons of flavors of Wan Yen, and all of them are

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