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Caught in Heavy Snowfall, Shimla 2017

Shimla Snow 2017

When I came back home from our trip to Himachal Pradesh State of India, I have been mostly asked two questions. One was about the food, and another one was about my experience being stuck in Shimla during heavy snowfall. So before I’m telling you about food and the rest of the trip, and before I share with you the recipes of delicious Gyathuk and Grilled Trout; let me tell you about our crazy experience in Shimla. Now, make a cup of coffee and get cozy because this post is quite a story.


We reached Shimla around 5.30pm

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Glass Noodle with Chicken Wings


It’s holiday season everywhere. I can feel the festive vibe in the air. Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas or New Year, there’re still several reasons to take a break and to be grateful about life. Yaseen is having a 2-weeks break from school during New Year. We consider this a generous gift. If there is one big lesson I’ve learnt in 2016, it’s about the value of time. Since Yaseen is going to be free for a while, Sadik is taking a break from work, too, so all of us can spend some quality family time. We are going

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Stir Fried Calamari with Chili and Garlic


I don’t always stick to the plan, but there’s one thing I’m very punctual perpetually. Sunday morning, it’s time to visit our local fish market. At the local fish markets here, the fish trucks arrived every Sunday so it’s the perfect time to get fresh seafood. Morning is ideal because the fish is just unloaded from the containers to the colorful display. We usually buy a few types of seafood which can be frozen and used later in the coming week.

So this week, we bought some calamaris. They’re big and fresh, and I knew I could make many

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Fishing in Agonda Beach and Turtle Nesting in Galgibaga Beach, Goa


I woke up before dawn and opened the door of our cottage. The boys were still in bed, nuzzling in the comfort of the cool morning air. It was still dark outside, but I was eager to go to the beach. When I was a kid, my dad told me that if I went to the beach early morning before everyone else did, I could scavenge things that were swept from the sea. You know, things like big shells, old things from the sea, and maybe even bottles filled with messages. I urged the boys to get out of bed.

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Rice Dumpling Stuffed with Split Moong Beans


It’s still dark when I woke up in the morning. The air was really chilly, too, because last night we left the windows opened. I went to the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove. We still don’t have water heater, you know, so I need to boil some water for Yaseen to bath everyday in winter. Sadik woke this sleepy little boy up and dragged him to the sink. After he brushed his teeth, he quietly sneak to the couch and curled there until we had to yell at him again to hurry for school.

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Update from Farm November 2016


October passed us by very swiftly here. I didn’t write much because I couldn’t seem to be able stay on track after our long road trip. I’m trying to get back on an old routine, shuffling between taking care of the boys, blogging and writing my novels. This is absolutely confusing, and when I get really exhausted, I talk to my mom.

(My mom with her sister’s grandson. And guess what! His name is Farm. Also, why she is wearing two pairs of glasses?)

I haven’t always been very close to my mom, you know. Maybe it was because

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Garlic and Pepper Chicken with Rice


The only thing I miss the most when I travel is cooking. I love eating food at local restaurants a lot, but after a while, I crave the comfort of home-cooked meal. A lot of you guys have been telling me to share more recipes, and while I’ve been cooking a lot, 3 meals a day except on the weekends actually, I was unable to keep up with the loads of work.

I’ve been trying to finish a novel in NaNoWriMo, novel writing marathon, but the goal seems really far-fetched right now because I have to edit the travel

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A Trip to Agonda Beach, Goa


Have you been feeling anxious lately? Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with the pace of changes in the world. But remember everyone is dealing with things in their life even though we aren’t facing the same problems. When you see chaos caused by differences, you can’t deny the amount of stress coming your way. I have a way to cope with the issues, and it’s to travel. Just travel.

I’m not saying that you can forget about life for a while and go on a trip. Travel is not about running away from the problems, but

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Preview of November Stories


Hey guys! I know we have disappeared for a while, but if you’re following us on facebook, you would probably know that we were on a road trip again. It was Diwali Vacation, and Yaseen had 2 weeks off school. Sadik and I then decided that we should drive down to visit our family in Kerala.

Here is a 1 minute preview video of our trip. More is coming soon with blog posts and tons of pictures.

2850 Road Trip

Watch 2850 Road Trip here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYQr9YXRfSQ

We extended our trip on the road a little longer

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Crispy Mushroom and Tofu Curry


I’m excited about the coming trip. It’s that time of the year again when we can drive down south to visit our family in Kerala. As usual, I will be getting something for the kids, Yaseen’s cousins. My in-laws don’t encourage us to spoil them, but we can’t help because we want to do just that since we’re not with them all the time. Sadik’s family is very practical and simple, and the kids are raised so down to earth, and I really admire that. Yaseen is going to have an amazing time with his cousins, and I’m looking forward

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