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Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Vietnamese Noodle Soup 1

I love noodle soup. Any kind of noodle soup. It’s the combination of soft and rubbery noodle in flavorful hot broth that feels very soothing. I cook noodle really often at home. Maybe more than five times a week. We handle all types of noodle in my kitchen; whether it’s Thai rice noodle, Japanese Soba

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Noodle with Prawns and Chili Flakes

Prawn noodle with chili flakes 1

I love the flavor of Thai style chili flakes. It’s smoky and fiery hot. We use it in our cooking and as condiment. To make Thai chili flakes, we have to roast dried red chilies in a hot pan until they turn slightly dark. The process is excruciating because the scent of the chilies spread

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My Favorite Noodle Salad

Noodle Salad 1

I am trying my best to eat healthy and happy at the same time. I add more veggies and fruits in my die now. It’s a small change, but I do enjoy the varieties of fresh produce the locals have to offer. I’m not really sure if I have shared this recipe with you already, but

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What I Do with Leftover 5 Spice Beef Stew

noodle with beef broth 1

When I cook a big pot of beef like what I did with Chinese Five Spice Beef Stew in the previous post, there is always some leftover. I store it in a Tupperware and freeze it. This can go for a month, and it comes in so handy often when you’re hungry and need a

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Thai Chicken Yellow Curry with Rice Noodle

Noodle with Yellow Curry 1

This time of the year, when I visit the local markets, I smell something lovely— that fresh mint, a little bit of that earthy dill and the pungent aroma of coriander leaves. Everything was fresh like they have just shot from the ground. I feel like my kitchen has been blessed when I place these fresh

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Rice Noodle with Thai Red Chicken Curry

noodle with thai red curry 1

When I was a kid, in the morning when my parents were too busy to cook, I used to make a trip to the local stores where they sold ready to eat meal in the plastic bags for 2- 5 Thai Baht (about USD 0.06-0.17) One of my favorite dish was Kha Nom Jeen, the

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Tom Yum Noodle with Calamari in 15 minutes

Tom Yum Noodle Calamari 1

I am impatient when I’m hungry. I love good food with bold flavor and colorful presentation. In my kitchen, I always find an easy way to cook any every day dish. I never use measuring cups and measuring spoons, and sometimes it’s hard for me to write the recipes because I usually just throw things

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Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli with Eggs

rice vermicelli and eggs 2

I remember, when I was a kid, every weekendnight was a movie night. My mom and dad would allow me and my siblings to stay up late watching movies– horror movies, until we fell asleep in the livingroom. During commercials, my dad used to make snacks or even late night heavy meal depending on what

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Rustic Beef Noodle Soup

I don’t know if it is because of the bubbling broth, the super tender meat that almost melts away, or the smooth and fragile ribbon that is the most irresistible object in the bowl of homemade beef noodle. These three elements are so unitedly cooperative, and together they bring out the most comforting form of food. I love

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The Simplest Vegetable Noodle

Some of the best chefs are working on street, in the open air sincerely exhibit their works over the hot stoves and turn simple ingredients to the most desirable objects. Years ago there was a Chinese food junction delivered food on the open, muddy ground every evening till midnight near to our home. As the city

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