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Sweet Sesame Chicken Wings

Sweet Sesame Chicken Wings 1

I love chicken wings. It’s the ultimate party food of all time. My favorite chicken wing is the BBQ ones, but this Asian twist will do, when I run out of BBQ sauce. I love the nutty flavor of toasted sesame seeds. It gives that crunch to the soft and juicy wings. It’s super easy to

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My Favorite Noodle Salad

Noodle Salad 1

I am trying my best to eat healthy and happy at the same time. I add more veggies and fruits in my die now. It’s a small change, but I do enjoy the varieties of fresh produce the locals have to offer. I’m not really sure if I have shared this recipe with you already, but

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Thai Chicken Yellow Curry with Rice Noodle

Noodle with Yellow Curry 1

This time of the year, when I visit the local markets, I smell something lovely— that fresh mint, a little bit of that earthy dill and the pungent aroma of coriander leaves. Everything was fresh like they have just shot from the ground. I feel like my kitchen has been blessed when I place these fresh

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Stir Fried Bean Thread Noodle with Prawn

I love the beautiful translucent thread of grass noodle or bean thread noodle. They give the beautiful sparkle to the dish and absorb any imagining flavours within. I love the lightness, gentle and elegant looking this noodle has to offer. During my last year of high school, Entrance exams seemed to take over my live. Tuition

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Have you ever tried this amazing fruit? Whenever I see guava in the markets, I know it is a good season and it’s time to eat fresh and healthy! I have such a beautiful memory with guava. When I was a kid, we had the biggest garden in the village. We had tons of mangoes, star fruits,

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