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Prawn in Tamarind Sauce

I stayed with my aunt when I was two and a half years old while my family was away. It was late summer and the sun was warm and bright. The picture of that house still haunted me (in the good way), so cozy, so organized, so traditionally Thai, so clean. When you open the front door

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Thai Fish Cake

You know how we love fish. It’s probably one of the healthiest protein sources. So here is another yummy fish recipe we love to share. Fish cake or “Tod Man Pla” is one of famous Thai dishes. This exotic fish dish is so easy to make and it can light up the party instantly when

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Mackerel in Red Curry Sauce

One of my favourite Thai dishes is fish in red curry sauce. Every bite of it makes me think of my mom and her rustic kitchen. I don’t know where to begin to describe how yummy this dish is. It is very balance and flavourful. The aroma of herbs is wonderful and fresh. The crispy

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Stir Fried Mushroom with Egg

When I was small, we lived near one of the biggest sugar factory in Thailand. About this time of the year, the road would be full of sugarcane trucks. The sugar factory bought sugarcane from the farmers and made sugar. One of the outputs from this process was the dark fine ash from the sugarcane.

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Banana Peppers Chutney

One thing I love about cooking is that it reminded me of science experiment when we added that and this and it turned out to be something else. Cooking is the art of developing the flavour and texture. And peppers chutney is my best definition of my cooking style. I learned this recipe by watching my

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Gooey noodle

We love cooking noodles and we might have hundreds ways to cook them. This is one of our favorite that I adapted from Thai noodle in sticky gravy called “Lad Na”. It is so simple and yet tastes so fantastic. Gooey noodle Ingredients: (serving 2) For noodle: 150 gm rice noodles – soaked in hot water for 2-3 minutes

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Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the famous Thai dishes that you must try. Many people think that it’s complicated but I promise you that it is as easy as spaghetti & meat sauce. Pad Thai was my favourite after school meal. I had to buy it from street along with meatballs and milkshake before reached home. Now

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Homemade Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts use extensively in Asian cooking. They can be used in stir fried, soup, and salad. We use Mung beans for sprouting. Sprouting is very easy but you have to be very patient as the process spreads over 3-4 days. Bean sprout is the source of amino acids, vitamins and fiber. It is very healthy

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Grilled Banana with Coconut Cream Caramel

When I was studying, after school when I strayed on the road for some snacks and stationery collections, one smell always stopped me. It was a coconut caramel mixed with charcoal grilled banana that scented the street. I loved this delicious sweet, when I moved to India I made sure that I carried the recipe

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Bang San, Thailand- My delicious Beach

When we were in Thailand a few months ago, we met up with the gang there and went to beach. We selected the nearest beach to Bangkok so we could come back the same day. Bang San beach is a one of popular tourist destinations know for good beach activities and good food. After along drive we

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