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We are on Best Blog in India 2015

Dubare Elephant Camp 4

Good morning! It’s a super chilly morning here in Pune. Winter in India is just perfect to be outdoor. It’s not really as cold as winter in the west, just nice, a little breezy and lovely. Anyway, I have good news to share with you guys hehehe 🙂 We made it to the Best Blogs in India

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How to Start a Blog

how to start a blog

It’s been 5 years and 9 months now since I started blogging. I shared my first post on January 5th, 2010 with no solid idea about what my content was. I basically started a blog because I wanted a new challenge in my life, and at the same time, it was a channel I used

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Small Town Girl without a Blog


Some of you who have been following this blog might remember that I mentioned my other blog Small Town Tes a few times now. I took it down recently because I couldn’t keep up with the volumes of work I have to put in to maintain both blogs. Small Town Tes is another humble personal

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Gonna Love This Year

Happy New Year, Everyone! Sorry we’re 3 days late. Have you been eating and celebrating a lot? For us, this year was different. No party, no shopping, just three of us sitting somewhere under the sun, when hungry sought a humble hospitality of local restaurant. In the middle of nowhere, it was celebration. We came up with

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Free eCookbook- Sassy Asian Party Cookbook

While I was away with moving my site to the new hosting plan, as promised, I composed a small ecookbook for everyone. Just in time for spring/summer, these recipes couldn’t be more perfect for this lively season. I have been working on 2 cookbooks for a while now, one of which is going to be published

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