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We are on Best Blog in India 2015

Dubare Elephant Camp 4

Good morning! It’s a super chilly morning here in Pune. Winter in India is just perfect to be outdoor. It’s not really as cold as winter in the west, just nice, a little breezy and lovely. Anyway, I have good news to share with you guys hehehe 🙂 We made it to the Best Blogs in India

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How to Start a Blog

how to start a blog

It’s been 5 years and 9 months now since I started blogging. I shared my first post on January 5th, 2010 with no solid idea about what my content was. I basically started a blog because I wanted a new challenge in my life, and at the same time, it was a channel I used

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Small Town Girl without a Blog


Some of you who have been following this blog might remember that I mentioned my other blog Small Town Tes a few times now. I took it down recently because I couldn’t keep up with the volumes of work I have to put in to maintain both blogs. Small Town Tes is another humble personal

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Hello, My Name is Sadik

Thank you all for warm welcome and encouraging comments. Tes put me on spotlight and seemed to set the expectations very high. Let me try to pull it through. By the way, I’m here to share and maybe— just let it out. I am not quite yet to come to term with a “blog author”

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Introducing New Author

We always think of this blog as a living room in our home. Cozy and happy. It’s a place where everybody hang out and share good food. A few months ago, we’ve been thinking of expanding blog in different directions i.e. introducing more varieties of recipes, having more diverse posts like traveling, crafting, books, health

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Getting to know more…

Here is another episode of getting to know game from Mandy’s blog. I love that these question are not only fun to answer but they allow us to get to know each other as the food lovers. If you love to participate, please let us know because we really wanna know you better 🙂   Here’re my

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Getting to know…

You might not even notice that we have been out over the weekend, but we made a really wonderful trip around hills, beaches and mountains again. I will tell you more about it later when I sort out the pictures to post tonight. Just before we left for the trip, I went over to Mandy’s blog

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A Birthday

I can’t believe I am 28. I was reminded that it was my birthday by Lulu on Facebook, and yes! I totally forgot about it until she wished me a happy birthday. Sometimes I was just so occupied with frustrations and workloads that I forgot some important and special days in life. Thanks God! My dear husband

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Blogging Messy

If you had visited my blog in the past 8 hours, you might think I have gone mad. You might wonder why I kept changing the design of my blog every 10 seconds and messed up the posts, also the scariest part where my blog turned blank. Well, I was almost gone mad! When I log

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