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Chocolat by Joanne Harris

It is as delicious as it sound. Chocolat has been my afternoon indulgence for several days. I have heard about this book for the longest time and when Judith, my favourite book blogger told me I should get it, I grabbed it from the bookstore shelf immediately. The cover has already won my heart. They say

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All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark

This week I’ve got a pretty interesting book, All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark. I picked this one out of the top shelf of Psychological & Suspense section of a book store. I love reading something mysterious which makes me crave the answer all the time, but this book has something else install

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Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson

I couldn’t believe I’ve had this book for 3 months, when my heart was trembling over it for the past 46 hours that I’ve devoured the deliciousness of emotional journey. I wasn’t really a fan of romance genre though I considered myself a very romantic woman. I melt over beautiful things, the moist cold wind

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Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

Spirit Walker is the second book in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. When I bought this book, I didn’t realize there were series and this was a second. I got this book as a dreamy, blue cover seemed to be suitable for a good bed time story for Yaseen. I planned to

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Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

I bought this book on the impression that it was going to be story about chocolate, cooking chocolate or eating chocolate, but it’s not just those things. When I found the book called Chocolate Wishes with a really cute and lovely cover, it looked really beautiful and festive with a little red ribbon strapped on

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Leeswammes’ Blog

We’ve been nourished ourselves with delicious food and healthy recipes for quite sometime now, it’s time to nurture of thoughts, minds, ideas, and imaginations. My friend, Judith runs a beautiful Leeswammes’ blog, a book blog I love. Every week, I got some amazing books to read from there. I love the way I travel and live

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