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Sweet and Spicy Prawn Sandwich

My sister took Yaseen out for lunch one day in Thailand. They were kind of those “die hard” burger fans. When they came home, they wouldn’t stop bragging about the juiciest prawn burger they had in 7-11. Frankly, I didn’t know what they were talking about. 7-11 burger!? Though I wasn’t much of a burger

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Deep Fried Dough

When I made flat doughnuts about a month ago, it became a big hit and many people had go crazy stuffed it with any imaginable things. Before I posted the recipe I have never stuffed them with anything. I thought they were just great with simple icing sugar or plain. But you guys really have

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Simple Turkey Burger

I couldn’t find a reason why shouldn’t we make burger at home. I don’t think anything is simple than cooking burger. The thing about homemade thing is that we know where everything came from and how clean it is. Every time we stopped by MacDonald I had to check every lettuce leaves in our burger

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Chicken and Cheese Sandwich rolls

We called this chicky cheese sandwich. It’s simply pan fried chicken in the hotdog bun with mozzarella cheese melting on top. We love these delicious dogs in the afternoon with some lemonade. Make sure you make few extra sandwiches because we expect the fight for the last one. Chicky Cheese Sandwich Ingredients: (make 5 sandwiches) 300 gm chicken-

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Yum Yum Burger

Image by Suat Eman

There is a embarrassing character of my sister which she eat burgers so messy that none of her friend want to join her at MacDonald. Burger is delicious and surprising it can be done less than 30 minutes. It is perfect for lunch when I don’t have time to prepare then elaborate feast. A big juicy burger with a luxurious frosty milkshake could be something that light up the lazy afternoon.

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