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Glass Noodle with Chicken Wings


It’s holiday season everywhere. I can feel the festive vibe in the air. Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas or New Year, there’re still several reasons to take a break and to be grateful about life. Yaseen is having a 2-weeks break from school during New Year. We consider this a generous gift. If there

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A Simple Broth

simple broth 1

I like buying chicken from a local store than buying package meat from a supermarket. The local store prepares the chicken for you as soon as you ordered so it’s super fresh. But bad side though, you will get the whole chicken, not the specific portion you just want for your cooking. So when I bring

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Garlic Chicken Noodle Soup

I use a lot of garlic in my cooking. It’s like a strict beginning of a ritual, starting with a smoking hot pan of peanut oil and then some garlic. Immediately that fragrance rises from the pan, broken cloves are scorched and turn into gorgeous golden flakes. That is when the oil is flavored, and

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Chicken Noodle with Hot Broth

A bowl of noodle soup works as any meal. It can be a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner. So whenever I prepare broth for noodle soup, I cook in mass. Broth can be store in refrigerator for very long time. For a quick bowl of noodle, I heat up the broth, blanch the noodle and

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Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

Whenever Yaseen caught a fever, it’s extremely difficult to make him take medicine. Do you have the same problem with your kid? I don’t know what to do. Whatever we did, playing good cop, bad cop, we couldn’t seem to force the medicine down his throat. So to make him feel better and taking medicine is

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Chicken and Bean Sheet Soup

I can’t believe New Year is catching up on us real fast. Are we prepare for the new chapter of our lives and get older. My husband said it didn’t matter, it was just a date. I felt it with more significant, like a refresh button letting us reboot how we perceive the world. For us

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Chicken Mushroom Noodle Soup, Your get-well soup!

I have noticed that a lot of my friends around the world were sick lately. I am recovering from a sore throat myself. Yaseen and Sadik also have minor cold and cough. We are really worried about swine flu outbreak again. We now have to be more careful about our health and well-being. I have tried

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Chicken Rice Soup

It is not difficult to find rice soup store in the morning in every corner of the city in Thailand. The smell of crispy fried garlic and fresh young ginger combine with the fragrance of fresh chicken stock freshly made right then is so irresistible. I usually start by mince chicken by chopping knife and marinate. This

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