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Stir Fried Shrimp with Broccoli

stir fried shrimp with broccoli 1

We eat rice almost everyday. Probably for lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast as well. With rice, we make curries, soup, and various kind of stir fried dishes. You bet we had tons of recipes just for stir-frying. What I love most about stir-fry was not only it’s fast track nature but the way it’s allow the

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Vegetable Manchurian

If you ask me to order some vegetarian dishes in a restaurant here in India, my first pick would be Vegetable Manchurian. The name may sound very Chinese, but Vegetable Manchurian is actually an Indo-Chinese Cuisine, which is an Indian interpretation of Chinese food. Indo-Chinese is like a perfect marriage between Chinese cuisine and Indian

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Chinese Kale in Oyster Sauce

Gai Lan or Chinese Kale (Chinese broccoli) is a leafy vegetable richen with deep green and pungent fresh flavour. It tastes very similar to broccoli but with a just a little bit bitterness. These gorgeous greens are packed with beta-carotene and high in fiber. The best and easiest way of cooking Chinese kale is stir frying.

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Chicken and Bean Sheet Soup

I can’t believe New Year is catching up on us real fast. Are we prepare for the new chapter of our lives and get older. My husband said it didn’t matter, it was just a date. I felt it with more significant, like a refresh button letting us reboot how we perceive the world. For us

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Easiest Sweet and Sour Vegetable

Can the same old trick surprise you every time? From my experience, cooking for my family and friends, I know the good recipe keeps everyone eyes curious and excited every single time. Just like a simple sweet and sour vegetable, with whatever vegetable of your choice, crisp and sizzle in the crimson lava of savory

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Stir Fried Bean Thread Noodle with Prawn

I love the beautiful translucent thread of grass noodle or bean thread noodle. They give the beautiful sparkle to the dish and absorb any imagining flavours within. I love the lightness, gentle and elegant looking this noodle has to offer. During my last year of high school, Entrance exams seemed to take over my live. Tuition

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Chicken Fried Rice

Most home in Asia have their versions of chicken fried rice, it is such an easy and simple dish that spells comfort and versatile at the same time. Chicken fried rice is, of course, the magic recipe we regularly need for utilizing our leftover rice. It transforms the plain, bland, cold, white rice into the

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The Simplest Vegetable Noodle

Some of the best chefs are working on street, in the open air sincerely exhibit their works over the hot stoves and turn simple ingredients to the most desirable objects. Years ago there was a Chinese food junction delivered food on the open, muddy ground every evening till midnight near to our home. As the city

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Fish Maw Soup

Wandering in Chinatown in the late evening with a giant skewer of sweet plum was a surreal experience for any food-lover. The aroma of chicken stock fumed up the old pots and the night wind wept the exotic fragrances across your faces. In the seconds of curiosity, you searched every direction for the source of

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Soy Sauce Braised Chicken

It is difficult to find duck here, so whenever we had appetite for Peking duck it has become big problem. We made soy sauce braised chicken to substitute the Peking duck craving. It worked like magic. This recipe ensures that there won’t be even a drop of broth left in your pot. The chicken is so

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