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How Kids Start Cooking

Kids Cooking 1

Sometimes I am amazed by how kids in this generation are so dependent as compare to how I was in my childhood. I’m not sure if you will agree with me, but about 30 years ago, kids had more freedom. At the age of 6, they could go play quite far from home unsupervised. In

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Sausage Fried Rice

Sausage fried rice 3

Yaseen is a little foodie. He loves eating, and he loves food. He’s not very picky. I know some parents have a tough time feeding their kids. Yaseen loves trying new things, and I am always grateful for that. After school, he usually comes home hungry. His school is until noon, so he expects hot lunch

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Noodle and Meatball Soup

Yaseen has a day off so he would be responsible for his own lunch today. I am still fasting during the daylight hours which means lunch is all about him. Within my supervision, I let him select the ingredients and the dish to be made. When pulled out thin rice noodle, a bowl, and a couple

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Macaroni with Chicken and Mushroom

While boiling the package of macaroni, how simple it is to throw in some stuff together to make a delicious sauce. Finally we just need to dump the cooked pasta in and then the meal is served. Macaroni is that simple dish that I love to play with, whether it is mac & cheese, meaty

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Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Egg

What could be more simple and comforting like a bowl of noodle in this warm afternoon? Today after serving Nutella with slices of bread for breakfast, I decided to make something hot and intense for lunch. Yaseen is looking forward to slurping the long threads of sticky and tender rice noodle. The glossy rice noodle flavoured

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Ok, I have been waiting for this moment for quite long time. I love waffle and basically I grew up eating those coconut waffles from the mobile venders on the way to school. Since I have been living in India, I couldn’t find waffle maker anywhere. Every time I went back to Thailand, I always

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When it comes to snacks, I really love to cook fun recipes that everybody can involve. Cooking is one of my favourite family activities, especially with my son and my sister. Today we have the feeling like playing with the flour, dust and dough so we decided to make Gyoza or pan fried dumpling. Dough 2 cups of

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Simple Banana Cake

After I started blogging and reading a lot about food, cooking and recipes, I felt more confident in my skill. I couldn’t wait of preheat my oven every morning waiting to put something delicious to bake. Who wouldn’t want hot muffins or cake right from the oven on their plate in the morning? We see the

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Homemade Pasta with Mushroom and Asparagus

Homemade pasta is something to cheer your kid up. Nothing stop Yaseen from running around the house making a mess like show him a big plate of freshly made pasta with rich hearty meat sauce. Making pasta seems to a lot of work. “Why can’t I just snug a bag of dry spaghetti from my pantry

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Coconut Macaroons with Plum filling

Yaseen was scheduled for hepatitis-A immunization today. He didn’t want to enter the clinic. We felt the tension when he met the doctor. He now understood that she would always inject the medicine most of the visits. He cried, but it was ok once he saw the big red lollipop. So today for his courage we

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