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Split Lentil and Kale Stew


I used to hate vegetarian food to the point that I would be really upset when I had to be in all-vegetarian restaurants. Meat was such a big part of the food I grew up eating. I thought a meal without animal proteins was incomplete and unfulfilled. Living in India has changed my perspective about

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dal 3

Dal is a dried lentil that has been split, hull removed. There is an abundant variety of dal in India. Dal is also a comforting dish made by cooking dried split pulse until it becomes the delightful thick gravy. The simple flavor of dal is grown on me. I am loving it so much I

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Creamy Chicken Curry and Spinach in Split Pea Sauce

The sky is cloudy today. Although it is not raining yet, I am really hoping for it. Oh I miss the rain, and how it makes me feel like living in the dream. To make the delicious meal to suit my hope for rain, I make the most creamy delicious chicken curry and spinach in

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