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Easy Beignets Recipe

Morning is when I feel the most productive. I’m quite proud of myself because I always stay on track until about noon. Well, I will tell you why I’m such a mess in the afternoon in another post. So, I usually wake up at 6 when I contemplate on staying on or off coffee for

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Churros Making Demonstration and Tasting at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre

Churros at Marriott Pune 9

Last Saturday, I was invited to the churros making demonstration and tasting at Momo 2 Go at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre. It was such a wonderful experience. I really had a great time learning, tasting and meeting other bloggers who also came to the event. Churros is a deep fried dough pastry. It’s sometime

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Calamari Tempura

calamari tempura 2

Usually I don’t like to take the picture of the food we made for dinner to post in our blog, because the pictures came out very horrible in low light shooting. But this calamari tempura I cooked last night was so good, I had to take the pictures of it so I could share this

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15 Minutes Banana and Peanut Butter Donuts

Most weekends when we decide to go hiking, I get up early to prepare something. While Sadik and Yaseen are still feeling comfy under the blanket, I whip up and pack breakfast and lunch. By the time the boys are ready, the picnic basket is filled with so many homey, delicious things. While we are on

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Cauliflower with Basil

I know we should not be eating deep fried food that much, but these crispy cauliflowers are seriously addictive. When I see the beautiful fresh cauliflower, I can’t help but imagine how the sweet juice leaks against the golden crunchy skin in every bite. And that’s how I have to immediately dip the white flowerets in

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Rice Flake Salad (We’re taking off!)

This maybe a really last minute but before we’re boarding the plane to Kerala, my husband hometown, I just want to add a quick post for you my wonderful friends. I couldn’t wait to tell you another minute since I’ve just tried an amazing dish I found recently when we visit a newly become mother, Deepti.

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Prawn in Tamarind Sauce

I stayed with my aunt when I was two and a half years old while my family was away. It was late summer and the sun was warm and bright. The picture of that house still haunted me (in the good way), so cozy, so organized, so traditionally Thai, so clean. When you open the front door

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Kerala Fried Fish

While traveling back and getting close to Kerala, we could smell the sea and hear the wave hit the shore. We couldn’t wait to enjoy the fresh seafood and Kerala style home cooking. We’ve been longing for vegetable stew in coconut cream, refried tender beans in coconut oil with shallots, the simple cabbage with shredded

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BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken

We went picnic at Pawna Lake few weeks back, and I did something really good. Guess??? BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken! Yes, this recipe is easy. It’s done under 30 minutes, and the result was so amazing. The chicken was tender and sweet. It’s so great for appetizing your party, or snacking on road like we did on our

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Spiced Fried Chicken

You must try this Spiced Fried Chicken. The herbs and spices help constructed the juicy and flavourful chicken. This chicken dish usually accompanies our Chicken Biryani. If I have the leftover marinated in the Tupperware in my fridge, then I love to fry them as snacks in the afternoon. My husband and Yaseen love to

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