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Stir Fried Shrimp with Eggplant and Dill

stir fried shrimp with eggplant and dill 1

I love the sound of curry paste sizzling in hot oil. The aroma developed from the pan made my mouth watering. Thai curry paste is one of my favorite ingredients. It’s not only good for curry, but it adds the beautiful color and flavor to a quick stir fry dish as well. In my opinion, eggplant

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Stir Fried Dill with Egg

I love the smell of fresh dill. It smells like my mother vegetable garden, clean and fresh. So whenever I cook anything with dill, it gives me a really wonderful feeling. The similar thing happens to my husband. Dill has become one of his favorite vegetable. The smell of any dish with it reminded him

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Meaty Dill

When I posted the Fish and Dill many months ago, I got quite the respond for it. One of the visitors told us he added the fish and dill in his restaurant after the big success at his home. It’s amazing how we are connected through internet and inspire each other. People who were not fans

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