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Easy Creamy Asian Chicken Curry

creamy asian chicken curry 1

I love the smell of fresh herbs. Back at home in Thailand, my mom grows galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime, and many other herbs around our fences and in the garden, and when I walk around the house these beautiful scents swirl in the air, and especially after the rain the fragrances becomes more intense

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Easy Beef Rice

beef rice 1

I remembered years ago during Ramazan in Thailand, in the evening when I walked in the market, it smelled particularly aromatic. The fragrance was beautiful and unusual than what I was familiar with. When I looked for the source responsible for such scent, I came to find a gigantic pot filled with yellow rice and

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Cajun Spice Fried Fish

Cajun Spice Fried Fish 3

The fragrances of onion, celery and bell peppers, the trinity of the rustic Cajun Cuisines, is infused in one of my admirable ingredients. I use Cajun spice in my meat stew, delicious dirty rice and roasted seafood with veggies. Simple pan fried spicy and aromatic fish is always in demand in my family. Whether it’s an

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Rice Bowl with Chicken and Basil Topped with Fried Egg

Rice Bowl with Chicken and basil and fried egg 1

Lately, I’ve had so much on my plate I couldn’t have time for myself. My writing has slowed down, and I am busy with Yaseen all day. It’s tough sometimes trying to stay on track and keep up with blog posts and everything else that I want to do. Take out becomes a trend in

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Pasta with Mince Lamb and Spicy Sausage

Pasta with mince & spicy sausage 1

Recently my foodie group Pune Foodiez came up with a fun and interactive online event on twitter called #PuneLunch. Every Friday, we click the pictures of our lunch and share it over twitter. A lot of people who are living in Pune and even other parts of the India join our virtual potluck. It’s so

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Ragi Vermicelli with Spicy Peanut Dressing

Ragi Vermicelli Salad in Spicy Peanut Sauce 3

It’s hard to stay healthy when I’m a street food junkie by nature. But I try. I try as much as I could to add healthy ingredients and to cook something nutritious when I’m at home. Recently I discovered Ragi or finger millets, a very healthy ingredient available in many forms like flour and pasta. I

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Stir Fried Chicken with Asparagus

Stir fried chicken with asparagus 2

I hope you’re not bored of my stir fried dishes because I have a thousand of them lining up to post on my blog. 70% of cooking techniques used in my kitchen is stir frying. It’s quick, good for retaining nutrients and flavors of the ingredients. I stir fry something everyday. Combining proteins and vegetables

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Beetroot Crust Pizza with Salad Topping

Beetroot Pizza 3

For so many years, I have had only one way I really liked to cook beetroot– stir-frying shredded beetroot with garlic and eggs. I find the texture and flavor of this dish similar to a humble Thai stir-fried picked radish with eggs. This was the only way I enjoyed cooking beetroot until I found a

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Fried Fish and Shrimp Paste Sauce with Rice

fish & rice

In Thailand, condiments are one of the essential parts of the meal. Different kind of sauces and dips accompany main dishes to emphasize and intensify the flavors. These dipping sauces are easy to make, usually with any ingredients that available in our kitchen. Chili flakes with a little sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and chopped

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Lemongrass and Garlic Prawns

Lemon Grass  Garlic Prawn 2

I love the fragrance of lemongrass. It’s incredibly earthy and aromatic. Lemongrass can be used as ingredient for marination or making curry paste and even used fresh in salad when you slice the stalk thinly. Lemongrass works great with seafood. Back home in Thailand, I usually stuff the whole fish with lemongrass and grilled them over

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