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Noodle in Five Spice Chicken Broth

Noodle with Five Spice Chicke  broth 1

When I’m thinking of Pho or noodle with broth, I don’t usually consider chicken in the flavorsome stock. It’s just how the texture of chicken which can be overcooked and dry easily even when it’s submerged in liquid. Red meat is the way to go when we make noodle with broth at home. Of course,

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Satay Fish Cakes with Thai Papaya and Carrot Salad

Fish Cake and Papaya Salad 2

I miss street food in Thailand so much I can’t even begin to explain it. After school, strolling around the streets and eat on the side of the road was nothing less than a lifestyle. I loved meatballs on skewers which were drenched in sticky sweet and spicy sauce, delightful mini crepes filled with coconuts

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Tenderloin Strips with Cheesy Corn Mashed Potato and Sauté Vegetables

Tenderlion Strips with Corn mashed potatoes 1

Before I’m taking you on another travel story, we should stop and eat real quick. Some of my readers wrote to me that they’ve been missing my recipes. And yes, I have been writing a lot about travelling and didn’t have time to update the new recipes. So here goes today I’m cooking something simple

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Thai Prawn and Pumpkin Curry

Prawn and Pumpkin Curry 8

Have you ever disliked eating something in your childhood but ended up liking it now? There are so many things like that in my case. Bitter gourd, Chinese broccoli, winter melon and so many other veggies used to be in my hate-list, but now they are what I enjoy eating very much. Pumpkin was one

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Yum Pla Tu

Yum Pla Tu 9

Yum means “mixed” in Thai. It’s a kind of salad that loaded with chilies, fresh herbs, and punchy flavors of lime, sugar and fish sauce. It’s balance, but bold, and out of this world delicious. Salad in Thailand is not a regular goodie healthy salads you are used too. Most of them are protein-base while

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Stir Fried Chicken with Yellow Bean Paste

Chicken with Yellow Bean Paste

A Fabulous meal can be made in minutes, too. I am a stir- fry worshiper. I believe that not only stir frying helps maintaining nutrients in the ingredients, but the non complicated process allows the beautiful characters of the ingredients to shine. Stir frying is my favorite technique of cooking, and it’s how most of

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice 1

In Thailand, there is a dish called Khao Mun Gai. The name is simply translated as rice cooked in chicken fat. The dish is a Thai take on the famous Hainanese Chicken which is introduced in the country by Chinese immigrants. Khao Mun Gai can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a wholesome that

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Noodle with Chicken and Mushroom

Rice vermicelli with chicken and mushroom 6

Monsoon is late this year. I could feel her on the way from the signs of the cloudy sky, the humid breeze in the evening and even the fainted scent of wet mud arriving from somewhere. When it starts to rain, I always think of wild mushroom. Those soft buds sprout from the earth, and we

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Easy Creamy Asian Chicken Curry

creamy asian chicken curry 1

I love the smell of fresh herbs. Back at home in Thailand, my mom grows galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime, and many other herbs around our fences and in the garden, and when I walk around the house these beautiful scents swirl in the air, and especially after the rain the fragrances becomes more intense

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Easy Beef Rice

beef rice 1

I remembered years ago during Ramazan in Thailand, in the evening when I walked in the market, it smelled particularly aromatic. The fragrance was beautiful and unusual than what I was familiar with. When I looked for the source responsible for such scent, I came to find a gigantic pot filled with yellow rice and

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