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Stir Fried Calamari with Chili and Garlic


I don’t always stick to the plan, but there’s one thing I’m very punctual perpetually. Sunday morning, it’s time to visit our local fish market. At the local fish markets here, the fish trucks arrived every Sunday so it’s the perfect time to get fresh seafood. Morning is ideal because the fish is just unloaded

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Spicy Seafood Meatballs

Spicy Seafood Meatballs 1

Oh my God, I am old! It’s my birthday yesterday, and I’m a year older again. But don’t worry, I won’t grow old another 300 years; I promised myself. I am determined to look like this forever hahaha, oh or maybe I should look 10 years younger. Anyway, nothing exciting happened. The boys have been

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Stir Fried Fish with Chives, 5 ingredients 7 minutes Recipe

Stir Fried Fish with Chives 2

I love stir frying. People who know me know dealing with wok is my forte. I might as well declare myself a stir frying queen. Well, at home at least, I am just that. Stir frying is spontaneous, and that’s my style of cooking. I have no patient. Now you know why I love street

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Soup of the Sea

I grew up in Northeast of Thailand, where it was separated and cut out from the sea. The first time I saw the sea was on a family trip when I was really young. I didn’t remember when or any other details about the trip but the great, grand, glorious view that took my breath

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Seafood and Vegetable Soup (Thai Sukiyaki)

Sukiyaki is a type of Asian Fondue consists of meat, vegetable and noodle in bubbling hot broth served with luscious sauce along the side. It’s a kind of entertaining meal usually cook and eat right at the same time on the table. Sukiyaki is a Japanese delicacy commonly using thinly sliced beef and vegetable dunked in

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Noodle with Fish and Peanut Sauce

There are so many types of noodle in Asia and so as many ways to savour them. A while ago, I introduced another type of rice noodle in “The Simple Thai Fish Laksa” post. You must remember the smooth and soft noodle with the rustic and earthy scent which is called “Khanom Jeen”. We can

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Fish in Tangy Sauce

On of the most inspiring and enlighten episodes on Oprah was the interview with Stephanie Meyer, the author of The Twilight novels. It is not because I am the Twilight series fan or the hardcore vampire novel interest, but I am lovingly admiring her success as a writer, something I should be able to call

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Sweet and Sour Vegetable with Prawn

There are several sweet and sour dishes we love preparing at home, whether it is simple sweet and tangy vegetable with prawn, or chicken in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple, the combination of sweet and sour always give a our table a bright central attraction. This simple stir fry dish includes variety of our favourite

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Thai Red Fish Curry

Spicy curry and I need no introduction. I grew up eating the kind of food that you would like to tear up just by seeing it. I love the burning hot sensation and how spicy food always delivers the most exciting taste to my mouth. I had to tune my spicy life style down a

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