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Grape Cake with Caramel Apple

Grape Cake with tuffy apple 5

I am horrible at baking. I mean, very really terrible when it comes to oven. I grew up in a part of the world where we never used oven at all in that time. We cooked in a pot, a large wok, over the flame of firewood. Baking is not what I was born to

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Sprite and Lemon Cupcake

Sprite & Lemon Cupcake 1

Do you think that a little cupcake can make anything a little better? If ‘no’ is your answer, then you haven’t tried a sprite & lemon cupcake. Usually, I make these light and puffy cupcakes in summer when a glass of sparkling lemonade follows me everywhere I go, but somehow, I feel like having them

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Cheddar and Paprika Cracker

I can’t think of any reason to buy crackers from supermarket because making them at home is such a fun process. You can customize and personalize your very own favourite crackers in any way you like, you got to select the best, organic and healthy ingredients to work with, and you can also avoid tons

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15 Minutes Pan Brownie

I have heard and read about people who crave on pure chocolate, solid 100% cocoa and nothing else. Doesn’t it taste terribly bitter? Whether it is for dieting, health or personal indulgence, I couldn’t make myself believe that one would enjoy such dully bitter thing. On the other hand, when it is mixed with sugar

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