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Mushroom Mee Grati

Mee Grati 2

Hi guys! We have been busy with the monsoon trek, and I completely forgot that this blog is malnourished by the delicious cooking. Last weekend we went on another trek which I was completely soaked in the rain the whole trip. When I got home, I was down with a massive headache. Anyway, another big

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Khanom Jeen

Khanom Jeen 2

Khanom Jeen is a local fast food dish in Thailand. It’s sold from 4 in the morning till midnight… well, these days maybe 24 hours in some night markets. It’s my one of favorite food since childhood. Khanom Jeen is fermented rice noodle with curry. The curries can be made with fish or chicken. During

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Fusilli with Massaman Curry Sauce

fusilli with massaman curry 1

Some people thinks fusion food is like a perfect way to murder the cuisines. If that’s the case, I am one horrible serial killer when it comes to mixing up food. I find thick Thai curries to go well with pastas. I could do so many ways with then, butching up the dishes mercilessly with

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Thai Noodle with Quick and Easy Tuna Curry sauce

Sometimes it surprises me how Yaseen loves Thai food even though we live so far away. I try to balance between Thai and Indian cooking in my household while exposing my family with different cuisines we find interesting. There is very few things in the world Yaseen doesn’t like. I remembered the first time I took

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Noodle with Fish and Peanut Sauce

There are so many types of noodle in Asia and so as many ways to savour them. A while ago, I introduced another type of rice noodle in “The Simple Thai Fish Laksa” post. You must remember the smooth and soft noodle with the rustic and earthy scent which is called “Khanom Jeen”. We can

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Spaghetti with Eggplant & Mushroom Green Curry Sauce

Thai eggplant and mushroom green curry is unexpectedly great with spaghetti. I started serving any kind of Thai curry over spaghetti ever since I tried Spaghetti with Thai Prawn Panang Sauce in a small restaurant near my school. I hesitated at the beginning but after first try I was hooked. My mom who preferred authentic

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