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Kobe Sizzlers, Aundh, Pune

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 1

Kobe Sizzlers is one of the famous sizzler restaurants in Aundh, Pune. We used to stay close to it so we ate there quite often. There is also another branch in Law College Road, but we haven’t visited there yet. So Winter is here. Well, winter in India isn’t as cold as in the western countries.

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Wetzel’s Pretzels @ Phoenix Market City, Pune


Wetzel’s Pretzels has recently opened a store on the ground floor of Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune. This little shop is so hard to ignore. The smell of freshly baked pretzels is so alluring, and those colorful granitas make my kid pull me into the store as soon as he noticed them. I love pretzels.

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Mayur Veg Thali, Viman Nagar, Pune

Mayur Thali Viman Nagar 1

I love Thali style of serving food. You get a large plate filled with many delicious things in the small bowls and various types of Indian breads, rice, snacks and desserts keep coming to your plate. Mayur Restaurant is a famous vegetarian restaurant, serving unlimited Thali. They have 3 locations in Camp Cantonment, Deccan Gymkhana and

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Toni Daa Dhaba, a famous Highway Restaurant

Toni Daa Dhaba 1

There is a famous restaurant on an old Pune-Mumbai Highway called Toni Daa Dhaba. We heard a lot about it and have always wanted to try. The place is always crowded, on weekend especially, you have to wait in line for your table. Before I go any further, I should tell some of you what does

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Marrakesh @ Kalyani Nagar, Pune

The good restaurant is the one which crowded; it’s a universal knowledge. Foodies know their ways around good restaurant where smoky air and the sound of fat sizzling on hot grill allure them in. At Marrakesh, the crowds gather early evening. Varieties of kebab threaded on iron skewers, the grills are hot, the inferno tandoori oven

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Mominpura, Pune 2012

It’s the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan here. Sadik and I are fasting during the daylight hours. Fasting means we do not eat or drink from dawn until sunset. It was a spiritual journey we took for 30 days, annually. When Ramadan comes, there are so much grace and joy in the air. In the evening, the

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Eats On Road @ Pune University

If you come to Pune, you must visit Pune University, one of the most beautiful historical institutes in India. I did my degree there and continue to live so close by ever since. Not only it’s a popular education destination in Asia, this place is also very famous hangout spots for residents and visitors. When you

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Diveagar Style Fish Curry

We woke up to an unfamiliar mutest daybreak. The temperature was just right and the purest air was so welcoming. “Are we home in Kerala or Khon Kaen?” we thought as we slowly regained the conscious remembering now that we were in a cozy lodge somewhere by the warm coast of Diveagar. The morning cups of

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Mominpura, Pune

We’ve reached Kerala safe and sound. Yesterday was quite hectic when we’re held off at the airport as one of our baggages was missing, so I didn’t have time to update our blog. It is the last day of Ramadan here in Kerala, it’s not only the last day of fasting but the day of preparation

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Have I told you that Yaseen and I won a gift voucher from McDonald few weeks ago? McDonald India has a wonderful contest in Facebook asking people to share their favorite McDonald moments. We entered the contest by sharing our super amazing moment when we were exhausted by hunger and dehydration and found McDonald paradise on the

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