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Fishing at, Pargaon Village, Bhima River

fishing bhima 8

When I was a kid, I accompanied my dad on the hunting trips near the Mekong River. We went there at least once a year in a big caravan of his friends. I was a tom boy, and I loved adventurous stuff so I didn’t mind sleeping in the forest full of mosquitoes. Some nights,

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Homeschool Art Class for Yaseen

Yaseen art class 6 copy

The other day Sadik told me that I should get an award for someone who watched the most number of horror movies ever. I don’t know if I truly deserve it, but I can say I watched all horror movies I could possibly find to the point that English horror movies were out of stock

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Happy New Year and Our 2014 Plan

breakfast new year 1

Happy New Year, my dear readers and friends. It has been a long journey. I can’t believe how far we had come and how much we had grown in this amazing 4 years. We made friends and shared beautiful memories, recipes and travel stories. And we’re glad that you joined in and shared your comments,

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Manage Kids in Restaurant

I have never dined out without kid for the past three and a half years. Yaseen is my best friend and the most hilarious companion. He is a free-spirit, funny and surprisingly energetic. Eating at the restaurant can be a very fun experience for the entire family which also improves the children social interaction skills. But

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Lessons with Yaseen: Bubble

I didn’t know if I needed to be frustrated about Yaseen not speaking any clear sentence, but it would be good if he would be able to tell us what he really meant. He does know a lot of words in all languages available to him i.e. English, Thai, Malayalam, and Hindi, but never a

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Father’s Day

It’s Father’s day in Yaseen’s school yesterday and my husband accompanied him to class in the morning. It was kind of their first official celebration of Father’s day. We were never quite followed the world’s calendar and always had some made-up-days to celebrate just us. But it was fun, as they came home and told me

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The Morning Run

The wake up alarms go off at 5.00 am every morning in our home, but we are one of the most lazy people in the world so it is about 6.00am we put ourselves together and tie our running shoes. The serene innocent breeze after the rainy night is the most fresh and oxygenizing. We

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Pune Marathon

Last Sunday, we went to run against AIDS in Pune International Marathon 2010. It was Yaseen first marathon, he was very excited. I was worried how he might react to the huge crowd but he was so mature and really enjoyed meeting people and make new friends. Pune International Marathon is an annual charity run in

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