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Pune Marathon 2011

We attended our second International Pune Marathon this morning. It was difficult to pull ourselves up from the warm bed in the most pampering weather but this charity run was always important to us. Pune Martathon 2011 is an annual charity run for a cause in Pune, India. Last year it was about HIV AIDS and this year

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The Morning Run

The wake up alarms go off at 5.00 am every morning in our home, but we are one of the most lazy people in the world so it is about 6.00am we put ourselves together and tie our running shoes. The serene innocent breeze after the rainy night is the most fresh and oxygenizing. We

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Pune Marathon

Last Sunday, we went to run against AIDS in Pune International Marathon 2010. It was Yaseen first marathon, he was very excited. I was worried how he might react to the huge crowd but he was so mature and really enjoyed meeting people and make new friends. Pune International Marathon is an annual charity run in

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