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Boon Khow Saag : Thai Festival of Offering


It was a holiday so I was allowed to sleep in a little longer. I loved cold air coming from the windows in the morning. It made me realize how lucky I was to be home. I could hear traditional Isaan music trembling in the air. The village community building had been playing the songs

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Sala Kaew Koo, Nong Khai, Thailand

Sala Kaew Koo 9

This trip to Thailand taught us one very important lesson- Don’t rely on the information on internet too much! It’s always been a plan for us to visit Laos. It’s funny that everyone in my family has already been there many times, but I only ended up only at the river and never landed on

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Moving On

I am still not used to with losing and being sad all the time. It is still pain and every moment is a struggle. I spend 2 weeks sinking in the couch crying or otherwise feeling my heart so aching that my whole body is trembling. I don’t know when it’s going to heal. I want

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Too Late

I talked to him everyday for hours and Yaseen loved showing him the new creations he’s just bought from school. Even though we were so far away but he expanded his warmness and care towards us. I was one of the luckiest girls in the world to be able to be guided and inspired by

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Longan at Home

Here they are, the glorious brown pearls hung free bowed the abundant branches on the green silhouette. Our longan tree in Thailand peaks the caramel blossoms dedicating the juiciest, sweet pulps for my humble family. Do you remember this bushy, green tree in front of my house where my husband spent his vacation slumbering under its

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