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Get Ready for Monsoon

Get Ready for Monsoon 1

Rainy season is here in Pune. Although the rain is so little in the city, but I heard that it rains heavily in the mountains and hill stations. Finally we can have the water back in the lakes, and our farmers can sow and grow our food. Rain makes everything so alive. I can picture the

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Tes at Home in Sakal Times

Tes at Home in Sakal Times

I am so happy to wake up this morning and found a little article about our blog in Sakal Times, one of the leading newspapers in Pune. Here is a little sneak peak from the epaper You can read the whole article here Hehe there’s a picture of Sadik and Yaseen and me. I’m gonna go grab a few …

Feelin’ like it’s our very own mountain…

veiw from now home 1

We are setting in a new home. I feel like it’s an never ending process. Every weekend, we find ourselves wandering in a home décor store looking for something to fill an empty white wall. But one of the good sides of living here now is…. this! When I wake up every morning, this is in front

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Diwali 2012

Yesterday was Diwali, a festival of light in India. It’s not only a super-fun celebration, but it is the best time for shopping. Everybody is having sales! I’ve been waiting for Diwali Super Sales for whole year. And yesterday we did save a lot on the supersize shopping we did for our new home. Since we’re

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Video Journal 1, Kaas Plateau

Many people fall in love with Kaas Plateau since we posted about it a couple days ago. It’s truly a special place and a rare blooming phenomena of mother nature. Here is a short clip, we made to keep the memory of our trip alive. It’s our first video so it’s a very shaky, but we did

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Kaas Plateau, the Plateau of Flowers

When we parked our car, I was thinking about a picture of wild flower plateau I saw in Lonely Planet Magazine many months ago. That picture has been haunting me. It was a heavenly capture of Kaas Plateau with pink flowers covering the ground everywhere. At first sight, I told my husband that we had

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Come and Take a Monsoon Ride with Us

And you know the light is fading all too soon You’re just two umbrellas one late afternoon You don’t know the next thing you will say This is your favorite kind of day It has no walls The beauty of the rain Is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls Dar Williams- The Beauty of the Rain Make a never ending

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Morachi Chincholi (The Peacock Village)

Imagine waking up in solitude on an absolute salubriousness. There is silence and life moves on a slow pace. Sun has just risen, and there are strange calls piercing in the air around us. The almost desperate meows are loud and yearn to be heard. Those eerie screams are both mysterious and enticing. And there

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A Cozy Birthday

Today, though in the middle of summer, it felt cool and moist like a center of pineapple cake. It is a very beautiful day. It is my birthday 🙂 I am a very romantic and sensitive person. The fact is I cry whenever I hear Celin Dion’s the Powers of Love. I tend to give importance to every

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Pune Marathon 2011

We attended our second International Pune Marathon this morning. It was difficult to pull ourselves up from the warm bed in the most pampering weather but this charity run was always important to us. Pune Martathon 2011 is an annual charity run for a cause in Pune, India. Last year it was about HIV AIDS and this year

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