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Kaeng Som Pla Tu

Kaeng Som Pla Tu 2

One of my favorite parts about cooking is the fragrance of the food. I grew up eating fresh homegrown produce. I remember how we rarely purchased any ingredients other than fish sauce and occasionally seafood. Fresh herbs were picked in a garden behind the house. They were galangal, lemon grass, Thai ginger, kaffir lime leaves,

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Hot and Sour Fish Curry with Raw Papaya

Raw papaya is a very popular ingredient in Thailand. It’s not only a part of the famous Thai papaya salad, but it can also be cooked as curry or stew. Raw papaya has an enzyme that helps tenderizing meat so it is often pair up with beef in Asian stew. I love raw papaya in spicy

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Diveagar Style Fish Curry

We woke up to an unfamiliar mutest daybreak. The temperature was just right and the purest air was so welcoming. “Are we home in Kerala or Khon Kaen?” we thought as we slowly regained the conscious remembering now that we were in a cozy lodge somewhere by the warm coast of Diveagar. The morning cups of

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Tapioca with Fish Curry (Kappa and Meen Curry)

When my husband told me about using tapioca in savoury dishes I thought it was one of his silly jokes. I love tapioca but I have never tried it savoury. We use tapioca a lot in sweet dishes in Thailand. Tapioca in sugar syrup was simply comforting and delightful, and with the drizzle of thick

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Goan Prawn Curry

The can of Goan masala paste happens to be a good help in our household lately. After preparing fried fish exactly as per the package instruction, I thought it was a time to be adventurous and played with the ingredient a bit. I didn’t know if this paste was supposed to be used in any

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Fish in Tangy Sauce

On of the most inspiring and enlighten episodes on Oprah was the interview with Stephanie Meyer, the author of The Twilight novels. It is not because I am the Twilight series fan or the hardcore vampire novel interest, but I am lovingly admiring her success as a writer, something I should be able to call

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Simple Thai Fish Laksa (Khanom Jeen)

No matter how hot a bowl of spicy Thai fish laksa is, I always have my way of enjoying and sweltering in the white soft noodle soaked in spicy zippy fish curry, then more and more will be added to my plate. Let’s not think about self-control, portion and weight for a second, this delicious

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Mild and Creamy Fish Curry

I discovered frozen pomfret slices in my freezer this morning. I knew if I didn’t do anything with them right then, they might stayed there until rotten away. We bought new grocery, meat and seafood on weekend and most of the time I forget about those which stored in the deep freezer. I thawed the fish

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Mackerel in Red Curry Sauce

One of my favourite Thai dishes is fish in red curry sauce. Every bite of it makes me think of my mom and her rustic kitchen. I don’t know where to begin to describe how yummy this dish is. It is very balance and flavourful. The aroma of herbs is wonderful and fresh. The crispy

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