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Update from the Farm December 2011

How spicy is our lives if I say we are in chili business? The spiciness doesn’t feel torturing but so pampering and comforting. I couldn’t imagine living a day without chili. My curry is red, my chutney is hot, and my stir fry is pungent, everything needs a generous proportion of chilies. Our farm in Thailand

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Update from the Farm 23.11.2011

I missed home extremely and if I find a blank space in my schedule I would climb up the bed and be sad by myself. The pain of losing my father is still haunting me everywhere, but it’s getting better, just a little bit better. I talk to A-Tee everyday and she keeps updating me about

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Thai Rustic Grilled Fish

In case you haven’t heard, we spent a week in Thailand during Song Kran Festival last week. Check out our Song Kran post to get a glimpse of this colorful tradition of Thailand. We had such an amazing time there that we decided to make it an annual schedule to visit my Thailand every April. Though

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