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Fried Tilapia with Garlic and Basil

Fried Tilapia 3

So, often people ask me “where is the best place for Thai food in this city?” My answer always remains the same— we don’t usually buy Thai food outside because we cook that at home. When we go out, we usually look for other stuff. The truth is it’s really a big point of the

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Shoyu Fish with Wasabi Mushy Pea

We love eating fresh, and try avoiding buying frozen food as much as we can. Frozen pea and corn are those I highly restrict in my household. Not only the fresh one tastes so much better, but I get to spend a little time opening fresh pea with Yaseen. He loves helping with the pea

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Goan Fried Fish

I have been to Goa once on a friend’s wedding. All I remembered about it was the sultry beaches with beautiful historical sightseeing. We were there for a day so we have missed the culinary adventure and night life on the beaches of Goa. I have been yearning to visit Goa for quite sometime, so

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Fried Fish- Inspired by a Monsoon Beach

Something we definitely missed out in Kashid beach during monsoon was the abundance steamy seafood so fresh and cooked as soon as it was out of fishermen’s nets. During rainy season, there was restriction in fishing and fishermen wouldn’t venture far from the shores as they used to. We hoped for some fresh fish over the

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Thai Rustic Grilled Fish

In case you haven’t heard, we spent a week in Thailand during Song Kran Festival last week. Check out our Song Kran post to get a glimpse of this colorful tradition of Thailand. We had such an amazing time there that we decided to make it an annual schedule to visit my Thailand every April. Though

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Black Pepper Fried Fish

Fried fish usually has its permanent setting on Kerala dinning table. Usually fish is marinated in spicy paste made with chili, turmeric powder, cumin, garlic, shallot and ginger as I did in my Kerala Fried Fish a few months ago. When we got the beautiful red snappers yesterday, it was so fresh and perfect. I really

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Hot and Sweet Snappers

I know I said it a number of times that we loved fish and how we had lots of them in our diet. We love the glorious jewel red snappers. The meat is tender and perfect for many recipes we love. We don’t usually get the nice fillet around here, but I am brave enough to

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